Come grab my junk again (For FREE!)[LV50][TERROR Edition!] Final Round

This is probs the last time I’ll do this, it’s too time consuming, but I hope I helped you peeps out.

Note what you’d like and add me on Epic. (Username: MechaTails)

I’ll take the jackhammer off your hands. Epic IGN iLoujitsu

if you can send me that monocle and lead sprinkler. i will send you both atlas legendary assault rifles. epic name: mkaya6642

Keep posting the requests bubs, I’ll mail the stuff soon

•Jackhammer sent, thank you for grabbing my junk

I’ll gladly take the Hand of Glory. Thanks in advance.

EGS Name: Xer0-chan

I have given my junk freely and grabbed some junk in return, the circle is complete.

Cool, sending friend request

Edit: Item sent, may you enjoy fistfuls of junk

My junk is now in your mailbox, enjoy.

thanks mate. i will send the prommised atlas guns when i get on to the game

New oranges are up for grabs:

Ten Gallon

Ill take that Shredifier if you’ve still got it! Thanks!

IGN: Tuckeren48

Updated image with more items

Amara mod

I’ll flush these tonight

The junkpile is small today, I’ll try to make it bigger next time

Can I have the Maggie? My epic name is Everwitch.

Final TERROR round! Get em while they’re hecktoplasmically slimy!