Come join or Discord! For players that range from Casual to Hardcore!

Come Join! Make sure to let us know what platform you’ll be playing on, and if you are a twitch streamer / youtuber


what is this?

does this differ much from the already established discord?

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In my experience: Mods that don’t act out when moody.

Also, Not really. Just a community of me and a number of friends started, decided to make it public so that we could have more people to enjoy the game with well remaining in our own community.

Theres no harm in having multiple small communities. I don’t see why people seem to be taking it so hostile like.

I am all for multiple, aint no way we can all fit in one place :slight_smile: will be starting a AUS/NZ one this arvo I feel.

People of all languages and locations are more then welcome to join us, ain’t know discrimination from me. And feel free to speak your own language with others who do as well.

Considering a lot of the people on the other Discord channel are here on this forum, lets keep from talking about them like this. We dont need that sort of drama.


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All she asked was my opinion, I gave it. And was just honest about.
Thats all, No intention of starting drama. Would like to avoid it myself.


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