Come join the HGL tournament

Do you want a tournament? Well why not join an HGL tournament this weekend! As of right now everyone who participates gets a code for the pendles cybe skin(don’t worry we have plenty for every system) Also thanks to natsumeryu for helping us get the pc tournament together last night. (yes it was all over the place but we managed and will do better this weekend)

Sign up over at just pick the tournament you wanna join and remeber check in is 1 hour before tournament starts

If anyone has any other question i’m willing to answer them

Discord info:

P.S. natsumeryu has also stated if we get enough teams signed up they are even willing to make a custom trophy and see if GBX will sign them as a prize


I have to be in a 5-man team to participate, right?

Sorry for the dumb question. :slight_smile:

you could always sign up as a free agent if you cant get a team. we are also trying something new and doing a 3v3. but if you sign up as a free agent if we have enough we will make them a team

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from my experience you can sign up as a free agent without a team and if there are enough free agents they will draft an extra team. I don’t know how a team of people put together at the last minute will fare against full teams, but it still lets others participate at least.

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A 3v3 tournament would be awesome.

Game mode?

the 5v5 is incurison i think the 3v3 is capture

Gotcha, thanks

Ugh, I am busy this entire weekend and I would love to play (and the Pendles skin)!!

I hope everyone has fun and if anyone on PS4 wants to do me a solid and gift me a skin, I will be forever in your debt.

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I think the 3v3 Tournament scheduled for 4pm EST on Friday, 11/11 is going to face some challenges. That would be 1pm PST for me, which is in the middle of my workday. If the tournament were held later, when people are home from work, it could stand to attract more teams and free-agents.

Is Sunday off-limits? Is an earlier Saturday time available?

ive talked it over with winters(the guy in charge of it and we could change it to suday