Come on Gearbox, we'll build these for you!

Enough with that other game already!
Now they added life-size action figures all over from it:

Gearbox! We can do this for you!
Let’s get crafty :sunny:


Life size Deande OMFG… Or life size El Dragon so I can punch his stupid obnoxious face xD

This would actually be really awesome! The little figurines that came with the pre-order weren’t overly detailed, my Thorn’s smiling… THORN DOES NOT SMILE!


I wish I could’ve obtained the montana figurine… This character is so amazing to me.

Honestly I find OW’s character… ugly. And I love cartoon style (huge TF2 fan)
I won’t say all battleborn characters look amazing but they’re better to me

…I have a workshop in the Cherokee area and got a lot of requests for that stuff.
Most popular were wooden cubes, the breakable boxes from Valve.
(Small end-tables, you can put things on and in them.)

Breakable boxes from valves… wooden cubes… you mean this ?

…Yup, but gooder, more decorative with a section busted open.

*Gooder :sunny:

Weird, among all the beautiful things from this game, I thought this was the most hated one.

They are very fun as furniture. :wink:

Damn I wish I had a card box illustrated with a TF2 character :smiley:
Too bad I s*ck at handcrafting complicated stuff

I would really like to have a lifesized Alani and tracer Figure

or life-size lagging player )

Ohhhhhh I´d love to craft such a big project :smiley:
But I guess I´d need some help and I live in germany, guess most of you crazy people come from the US…

As professional sculptor it would be amazing to try somehing in lifesize :heart:


  • fashion mannequin (male or female depends)
    -Apoxy Clay (about 30kilo)
    -EVA plates /Worbla
    -some what-ya-call-it.

If the community could reach a consensus which char to build I´d definately volunteer! :slight_smile:

Would be hard to find a model for montana :smiley:

Hehe^^ There comes the styropor into play, to add all the packs :smiley:

I’d love for someone to be bold enough to go cosplay as any of the Battleborn characters at the next Blizzcon…

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Started this one last year :wink:

I´d love to built Nova, Miko or Orendi!
But Deande would be nicely simple, Reyna too. Phoebe would be craftable as well.

I wonder what GBX/2K did with these sculptures they used for cons last year, they are BADASS!!!

Found this photo on deviantArt, I´d love to know which master built them :heart_eyes:

If we find a volunteer I´d craft him/her any costume he/she desires! XD
At best an armoured char, its better to be prepared.

German reporting in

But I’m not a sculptor

Heyhey! :heart:
Nyahhh, its enough if you´re crazy - Being crazy is the first step to be any kind of artist!

What char would you pick? I´m all about to ask @wisecarver to open a poll^^

I really like the mercy design…

Seriously tho, what about isic, no manequin needed, throw in some motors and have him transform into his ultimate

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