Come one come all. FREE! Bunch of anointments!

I have dropped all these weapons in my sanctuary. My gt aleszander77. Add me, join my game, grab what you want. Its first come first serve. After 60 min, I’ll be getting off and all items will be gone forever. Cleaning out the bank. Ton of good items, most are anointed.

I’ll be dropping more while I’m doing this.

Few more added.

Nice idea!
But sadly I can’t join as I live in Europe (working hours) …
Dat Nuclear Dictator doe …ahhh :wink:

Grabbed an sent it to you. Yea, I think the timing was off but I’m sure I’ll load up again soon and maybe do this at a later hour.

See above

Aw man! Am I too late for the cryo Lucian?? Say it isn’t so! GT whatevercb

I’m not sure if it was taken. You can come look. I’m doing SS in 10 min.

I think it’s gone. Sorry.

I would be interested in your

Venomous Trained Koos, Kybs Worth, or your corrosive Lucians call if you still have them! =)

GT: Aggitated Yeti

Thanks in advance!

Shop closed.

Bummer worth a shot. I just got into work and saw it =/ Have a great day!

I think they were all gone. I’ll be doing this again. Keep an eye out.

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i may forget it. itll take me 20 mins to get home and logged on.

Man, you are fantastic! Thank you!

can i have moor lineage my gt is melancholy girl.

oh never mind :disappointed_relieved: