Come together - for friends and co work

Hey guys. Anyone wanna game some Borderlands? I’m currently doing normal mode and I’m gonna do that solo. But when Reach TVHM, i’ll be happy to do some multiplayer! Dont know anyone who’s playing the game, so hopefully you guys wanna play.
My PSN is: PurkenH5

Feel free to add me glad to help if u need klock-work420 that goes for every one as well i have 3 op 8 toons and 3 or 4 lower leveld toons

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Thanks man. I’ll do that for sure. I’m currently considering wether I’ll go get some gear for TVHM or I’m just gonna go with it, and get the gear while playing through ?

Your gear becomes irrelevent every 5 levels or so any ways i just used golden keys as i needed and picked up purples/blues as i went along didnt farm till op’s