Come with me...on a journey into GB psyche. It will defy explanation

Come with me
And you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you’ll see
Into your imagination

We’ll begin with a spin
Travelling in the world of my creation
What we’ll see will defy explanation

Who wants to go on a journey into the mind of Gearbox and try to discern their reasoning and logic? Come on…it will be… fun?

So I been curious what GB is thinking in relation to legendary items in general and their drop rates. I don’t think we know the drop rates of items exactly but it seems clear based on the results experienced by a large number of people (including myself) that certain legendary items have a greater chance to drop than others. We have all seen these same garbage drops repeatedly so I won’t list them all. That tells me there isn’t an equal drop chance for all legendary items.

Why? By definition…a legendary item should be…well…legendary? If they are all legendary shouldn’t there be an equal chance to get any legendary item (assuming world drop here for the sake of clarity). Why is there a higher chance to get a Woodblocker or Lob than other legendary items?

Is this a tacit admission that not all legendary items are in fact legendary?

If the answer to that question is yes…then why? If they know these items are subpar but don’t buff them I have to ask if this is a cynical and devious ploy to put people on a gear treadmill to draw out gameplay?

If the answer to that question is no…why do they have a higher drop rate if they think these weapons are equally “legendary” to others?

I could suggest that they buff some of these subpar weapons to make them more useful and then equalize the drop rate but without knowing the reason for them dropping more often that would be a pointless suggestion if in fact we are seeing the desired “by design” results.


if they truly wanted us to diversify the weapons we use they’d fix them & make them usable. Chucking an anointment on a Woodblocker or Lob won’t make it any more attractive. We still just leave them scattered on the battlefield to later clog up our lost loot bank. You’d think they have that data. So off we go searching for the usable items that seem more elusive than a 2 headed unicorn.

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They should be of Legendary ability rather than mythic rarity.

They only seem to drop so much because you notice when something you hate drops. There are people who play just as much and don’t see these much if at all.

Meanwhile you have a lot of things drop you don’t notice because you have no strong feelings about it.


I keep EVERY legendary that drops in my games. I have thirty-something loot mules for B3, each with around 40 items (some are overloaded to 44, some are still being filled up). I sorted them by level, then by item type at level 50. I can tell you, the drop rate for woodblockers is far too high. I’ve got more of them than anything else, and have never farmed for them, but have actively farmed for a handful of other drops (including the event week where bosses had a high drop chance for specific items they didn’t usually drop much).
It’s not a subjective feeling. I can look at what I have and see that they are dropping far more than anything else I have. I’ve got over 1000 legendaries and still not seen all of those that are in the world drop list, but I have dozens of woodblockers.

Gearbox finished the major nerfing period that came after the game released by saying they’d be monitoring legendary usage and making adjustments to weapons based on how they performed. I personally assumed this meant that if players weren’t using a specific legendary, it would get improved and if most players were using a specific legendary, it would get nerfed, so that they’d all feel similarly powerful.
This totally hasn’t happened, so far, and they haven’t shown any signs of doing this in the future. I’m still hopeful, but it really seems like they know a significant number of legendaries are trash and don’t want to improve them.


I’m not as much of a hoarder as you and I haven’t kept count but I think most of us can sense patterns when they clearly emerge and there is a recurring pattern that has been noticed by many on these forums so I don’t think it’s a matter of “not noticing” things as the previous poster suggested. Looks like you have more verifiable evidence that bolsters these thoughts.