Comeback stories

Last night I had my first comeback in over 100 incursion games. Early game we were getting stomped, with Ernest constantly backdooring our sentry. It dropped after 10 mins. We were pinned to our second sentry. It looked dire.

Oscar Mike on our side got brave and backdoored their sentry whilst we desperately held on. They over extended and we managed to regain our thrall and turrets. We battled hard and with 2 minutes to go took their sentry and won on score.

Whoever was on my team thankyou for the best game I’ve played.


The only comeback story I can think of is the team I was playing with wasn’t as FPS skilled as the opposing team, but seemed to understand the mechanics way better. We were able to fight even ground mostly, and damage back and forth. They took out first sentry.
Eventually we destroyed their first sentry but then they pushed hard and wouldn’t let us forward at all. And we were sitting here, with a significantly smaller score average.
We held our ground though, and quite literally in the last ten seconds, OM and Pendles sneak to the second sentry and unload ults and as much damage as possible
We win with 2 points of damage to the second sentry.

Had one not too long ago on Echelon. Fairly evenly matched teams, we both went back and forth between holding the forward point just before the first Sentry and pressuring the defending team, but at one point they pushed in harder and got about half of the sentry’s health off before we could force them back.

At that point I had reached level 5 with Attikus. Their team, with the exception of Toby, was very closely bunched together at that choke point. Getting stacks up with the bonecrusher and spawning an elite minion, I came in the side tunnel by double thralls and nailed the entire team with my ultimate while our El Dragon pushed Toby out of his perch. The exchange ended with Montana and Miko dead, I rushed back to double thralls and grabbed them so we had a full push coming through.

Once again we had taken the forward position and locked down the other team, but this time we didn’t let them take it back. We took down their first sentry and that’s when they called for a surrender.

I actually went negative k/d that match, Montana, Ernest, and Toby were on point focusing me when I would barge in for most of the game, and I definitely abused our Miko’s good will. A big factor in the game was the healing station underneath the bridge, which I had bought and upgraded for the exp and for some reason went untouched for nearly the whole match…


I got two :slight_smile:

And a more impressive one (was down 100-16 and made a swing to win):

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I just came back to say goodbye.

Damn, son, those still had Shepard’s! Lol.

Me and a buddy of mine went into an Incursion match with some randoms. I was Kelvin and he was Oscar Mike. Our teammates were a Miko, Marquis, and I don’t remember the fifth guy. The other team? Ghalt, Galilea, Miko, Orendi, and Oscar Mike. Ghalt and Galilea alone made it tough as hell for me to get kills, and we pretty much were on the defensive the whole match. At around 3 minutes left, we lost our Sentry, so the enemy team started trickling in to get the push on us…Big mistake. I got a kill on their Miko and Galilea, while my buddy picked up a kill on the Ghalt. Either my buddy or the other guys got the remaining kills. At that moment, we had 1:15 seconds left, so we made a mad dash for their sentry. A well placed Space Laser, some up close brawling, and a damage-augmented Fungus Among Us put their first Sentry Down. We ended up winning the game in score by 3 points. Sweetest comeback ever.

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I got a few comeback stories but am a little fuzzy on the details(though I have 2 of them saved on ps video thing)

First was a match where we had pushed hard enough to kill three sentry but they made a bum rush in like the last minute. I was Montana laying down suppressing fire into the main lane leading to our sentry on mununents. Me and my miced up orendi were basically one by one dropping tombstones on people but they were pounding our sentry. After killing the last dude hitting our sentry my friend was still in panic mode going “who else is hitting our sentry? We are so close to winning” I laughed and told them they were all on timers with 20 seconds left in the match and that we should probably just sit at our sentry taunting

2nd story was pretty crazy. I was ambra and my friend was pendles. Had a solid back and forth hitting each other’s sentry(there team was definetly better at hurting us) we killed there sentry but they pushed us back into our first sentry and annihilated it and us. Now we are in the last 3 minutes in the match holding the enemy at the 2nd sentry. We lucked out and scored a quad on there team somehow with marquis being there last guy so we mobbed as fast as possible to there sentry and in the last 10 sec of the match we dropped the sentry to 48. My favorite part of that match though was thinking about how handy ambras debuffing effect was as I kept throwing them at there sentry lol

Last story and it’s not gonna be very substantial but it was quite hilarious. Getting towards the end of the match and our sentry is sitting at 97 health. Me and my friend decide to bum rush the sentry as the timer ticks down. Once it hits zero the score says 97 ion our sentry and 98 in there’s. We were so close… Then the victory screen pops up telking us we won by average player score. Apparently the 3 second window from the match ending and the movements of all characters halted was enough to drop the sentry technically by one more point giving us an official victory screen that says 97-98

This is a comeback story I’m not proud of. Was running El Dragon and getting kills left and right. Had their second sentry down to 12 and said “Hey, I’m gonna stop trying to get the sentry and try to get worthy of song.”

They came back and beat us with a score of 12-0…

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So this comeback story isn’t of my win but rather a loss. Started off with no hope thinking we’d get crushed as orendi(me) a miko, reyna, whiskey and phoebe against this 4man montana with an ernest, but we switched off with a comeback first, huge push and kills and everything on these guys, we take the score from 93-33 but then our whiskey stops playing and starts fooling around just shooting at the ceilings and we all die and the montanas get they’re push and end us 33-0 within the span of a minute with 6 minutes left on the clock. I murdered these guys though with a 23-2 with their best being 11-11

i have a few comeback stories.
my best one is when i was in a 4 man party and we were on echelon. i was a pretty even match until me an 3 of my teammates sied around the same time, leaving only the random to try and stop 5 pretty skilled players. we were out so long the other team destroyed our first sentry and got out our 2nd sentry to like 30 something health. we finally got the out our base and built everything up. but while we were trying to push back i noticed out 2nd sentry is getting back doored by gali. she got the sentry all the way to 2 health and i built a thumper to help me kill her. (i was WF). so the score was 100-2. im not gonna lie i tried to surrender but my team was like “F**k that, we got this” we ended up killing both sentrys with 10 sec left. and it was one of my buddies first time playing el dragon so he played pretty bad that match.


Had a few comebacks last night as well. Not same game as you described but similar circumstances.
We were pinned down at 1st sentry for a while, they knock it down chunks at a time. We couldn’t push forward at all.
As Montana I was able to sneak, not that he sneaks anywhere, but time the double thralls to grab them. Also cycled Big Bot and single thrall.
For most of the match, first 20-25 minutes they burned them all down quickly.

But then we caught them pushing too far, dropped them, and flattened first sentry. In the last five minutes we took all their turrets, hit all the thralls including theirs and beat down final sentry with only seconds left.

Very fulfilling victory.

Last night played a really tough game. I was playing Miko. First 5 min we got pushed back and the enemy got 2 points off our sentry. The next 24 min was a fierce fight holding them off. We were down in score bout 3-1. They were stomping us. Last 30 sec we finally got a push. I just hit level 10 and picked the damage helix for my mushroom. Was able to land it on the sentry while our team let loose as much damage as we could. 4 of us died ( including me) but we got their sentry down to 80 and won in the literal final seconds of the match. It was awesome.

Last night I had an epic Echelon game. It was against some familiar foes and our sentry dropped hard and fast. I’ll admit I voted surrender at one point because it looked hopeless.

Then we killed Bolder. Then Kleese, Deande and Ernest. We pushed with thralls and never stopped. We took down sentry 1 and kept picking off the scattered enemy team. My Miko <3 and I rushed the sentry and at one point we had 4 enemy battleborn on us allowing the team to kill the sentry. It was an amazing game!

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