Comet Crash challenge

Here is a guide to completing the Comet Crash challenge.

My setup :

  • character : Jack’s Doppelganger, lvl 52
  • class mod : Chronicler of Elpis, lvl 29, +25% freeze chance
  • weapon : Lazlo’s Freezeasy, lvl 47, 27.6% freeze chance
  • shield : adaptive
  • Oz kit : Moonlight Saga, lvl 50, for health regeneration

Farm environment :

  • play mode : Normal
  • location : The Vault, Eleseer

Method :

  1. Kill The Sentinel.
  2. Allow The Empyrean Sentinel to spawn.
  3. Allow Guardians to spawn.
  4. Freeze Guardians while they are in midair without killing them so they fall to the ground & shatter.
  5. Wait for more Guardians to spawn & repeat.

Notes :

  • The Vault area will provide plenty of health & ammo.
  • The most difficult part is freezing Guardians without killing them.

Good hunting. Do you have any other tips on completing this challenge?

tags : general combat, challenges

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I’ve used your method above (with a cryo rosie or fatale).
I’ve also found using the Stingray vehicle with cryo rockets works well in Triton Flats on the rathyds, in normal or true.

Thanks Greg.

I find using the Stingray’s cryo rockets on Rathyds (& Shugguraths) freezes them but they don’t usually shatter when they hit the ground. Do you have a technique to make them shatter?


I find backing up after firing, waiting for them to drop, then hitting them again works most of the time.