Comic Book Thread

I know there are a few comic book fans out there. Here is the thread for you. (I hate doing stuff like this. I sound cheesy.) but here is where you can post your pull list, what you are looking forward to in the comic book world, can even do character profiles you want. No mind.

Just no spoilers (especially Angela #2 as I have not read it yet.)

No but seriusly I allways liked comics but I never really dwelved deep into a series, I usely just buy a few comics and read them for fun.
Havent done it in a while so kinda miss it.

Batman '66 hardcovers.
oh yeah.

There’s some great stuff out there, you honestly just have to do research and if you have a shop that’s knowledgeable, ask questions. I could always throw you some suggestions if you want.

I’ve always loved Batman however the only Batman books I own at Batgirl, Batwoman and Batman Beyond. Love me some Terry.

I used to collect Spawn and Spider-man when I was younger. Mark Bagley was always my favorite Spiderman artist – got to meet him at the Cincinnati Comic Con this past summer so that was fun. :smiley:

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I’ve got a copy-paper box full of Groo. Even met Sergio once.

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@LucyDaniels - I ■■■■■■■ love Spawn and the Amazing Spiderman was one of my first comics. That’s always cool to hear, I’ve only been to one Comic Con, the one in Chicago, I’ve been meaning to go this year since I have my Teen Titans Raven cosplay done. If Gail Simone is there (my favorite writer) I will probably explode.

@Qmark - Ah 80s comics. Haven’t heard of Groo in a while. I haven’t collected them however, like I said with Lucy, it’s always great to meet your favorite writers and artists.

This was announced today.

-lights cigarette- I’m excited don’t get me wrong but there are several things wrong with this. The name, the size of the actual team (26 or so characters) and the exclusion of Female Thor, Sif, Angela, Gamora, X-23 and several others. I’m fine with a full female team infact I love it but they should’ve narrowed it down to I don’t know 6 characters… so you can focus on each one and make them seem I don’t know, awesome to the general public. I love that they added Nico to the team, I love that it’s supposedly lead by She Hulk (but because of the porn comments flaunted by David Gaider of DC Comics, I think this book will be secretly referred to as Ass Force or Anal Force by a lot of people which is terrible.)

I don’t know, I’ll give the first issue a shot. It’s written by the same author whom wrote Ms. Marvel (the Kamala Khan version) and the author behind Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, both female writers are incredibly awesome and the artwork is done by the same guy that does the Guardians 3000 covers and several other titles and as you can see most characters are in their original costumes. (I’m glaring at you Dazzler.) and finally, Adult Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix.

I might be under fire for saying all that but I have legit concerns about this series. One rule, Javier Pulido and Tan Eng Huat far away from it.

Well I was getting ready to make a thread for this, then I found out this existed.

Series I am Actively Following-
Atomic Robo
The Walking Dead
Guardians of the Galaxy
The Legendary Star Lord

I tend to wait to pick up trade paperbacks, because I like reading whole story arcs. To that, here are my last three selections.

Atomic Robo Volume 9 "The Knights of the Golden Circle"

A very strange (AND CLIFFHANGERY. DAMMIT ROBO, YOU SAID YOU’D NEVER DO THIS TO ME) entry to the robo saga, but it fits very well into the “monster of the arc” style of play this series has already made itself famous for. After the events of the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur, Robo is flung back in time to the 1800s, where he gets to play cowboy for a bit. Interesting play, as robo is usually very high-concept science, and here you only get to see a few quips about time travel. Historical co stars are Doc Holliday and US Marshall Bass Reeves, who make up the majority of this entries comedic points. Ends on a very stark note (which is rare, given the usually upbeat nature of this book. They’d mentioned wanting to work in a bit more of an overarching arc, so I’m going to bet the next series is going to have to cover a lot of ground. Overall, good storytelling and good humor, but not really up to par for normal robo standards. I’ll give it a solid 6.7 out of 10.

Quote of the book:
“Choctaw say a man can’t die till his time. Say it makes 'em unkillable.”
“Then the choctaw’s right.”
“You… that… I should not have lost this argument.”

  • Doc Holliday and US Marshall Reeves debating the finer points of immortality.

The Walking Dead, Volume 22 "A New Beginning"

Warning - spoilers ahead for both comic book fans and fans of the TV show. I’ll be trying to hide everything with the spoiler tag, so your well being is your own here.

Honestly, this was one of the best walking dead trades I’ve read in probably two years. Mostly because this feels like the only time the mood has really changed in a long time. The gang are holding alexandria strong after ousting Neegan. They’ve developed defensive channels and trade, and show how far “book learnin” can go during the apocalypse. We get some much needed human interaction from Carl, as well as Rick showing how “not really ok” he is, despite showing a very calm exterior. It feels like the group finally has a place to live and not just a place to survive, and I’m hoping this changes the tenor for the series moving on.

That being said I can’t not talk about the talking dead. Just when I think that kirkman has no where else to spin “crazy people in the apocalypse”, we end up with people wearing zombie skin and walking among roamer packs. It’s obviously way to too early to tell, but I can’t help but feel like this ground has already been treaded by Max Brooks in World War Z (look up “Quislings, World War Z” if you can stomach it), but seeing something similar in art is amazingly horrifying, and I usually don’t like the walking dead’s artwork.

7.9 out of 10. Kirkman really stepped it up this time around, let’s hope he keeps it up. The dead are getting stale, but this smells freshly turned.

Quote of the Book:
“We whisper and the dead don’t mind. You’ll see.”

The Legendary Star Lord, Vol. 1 "Face it, I’m Awesome."

I’m going through a bit of lust for the guardians of the galaxy right now, and this was sitting out front and my other option was Magneto’s new solo book. Mags always tempts me, but I was in the mood for lighter fare, and this did not disappoint. It largely covers star-lord falling into “con/crazy situation” of the week, tying things together into an attempt on Thanos to end the truce they created in… whatever tie in marvel was doing with that. Honestly, I want to criticize the pacing and the fact that they continue to to try to hump new people into the marvel universe for no reason, but honestly reading it was great. Basically the equivalent of a popcorn action movie in your hands. I love the artwork in this (I’m a bit of a sucker for the cartoony style), and I rather like the line that they have with Peter/Kitty trying to work with a “long distance relationship”. It makes me giggle. Worth a read if you’re not into anything deep and want a few laughs and some well drawn action.

Quote of the Book-

I’ll let it speak for itself.

So those are my reads right now. I’m always on the look out for light material, considering WD and Invicible usually take up all the time I have for melodrama. I’ve been thinking about looking into the She Hulk and Captain Marvel, as I’ve heard they tend to do well and have (gasp) well thought out female characters, but I don’t know alot about either universe.

What about everyone else, how’s their bit been going?

It only took me 2 months to see this replay…
Theres no comic book store in my city anyway.

Does the TF2 comics count as comics? Because those I read

Comics is comics, from Calvin and Hobbes to Webcomics to the Big Two.

That’s how I see it anyway. Any mode of the genre can be high or low art and can have niche or not so niche applications.

I do read some webcomic…

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I actually spent a day or two plowing through garfield minus garfield.

It really is… amazing, especially when you consider that jon is never actually talking to garfield in any of the comics.

And yes, I would call those edits a separate comic unto themselves.

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@Arsonist: Has Rick ever been in an “okay” state of mind? I mean He’s missing a hand in the comics…

@itsTwister -

Yup, comics mean anything you read that’s visual. It could even be manga but I know we have a separate for that kind of stuff. And if you have webcomics that are safe for work, please share the link. If you have some that aren’t, please stay NSFW after it. You know the rules.

Right now, I think my favorite book is Secret Six yet again, Death Vigil is close but I’m really happy Secret Six is back. Infact it has one of my favorite panels of the year.

Right there, I really like the spotlight drawn to Catman in this one. Gail Simone took a former D-list character and made him into something. I really like it. A lot of the reviews say Ken Lashley’s art is terrible, do not listen to them. Oh and if you haven’t read Secret Six, DC is releasing the books in trades monthly now. So catch up.

He was, at the beginning, just a normal guy scared to his family.

After lori in the comics, he went off the deep end harder than he did on the show. The “phone” was more extended, basically a way for his subconscious to ■■■■ with him at all times. After that you have the events of alexandria which shows that he can’t really mesh with a group of people who havent been “in the ■■■■” like he has. This issue was interesting because it shows how well he’s managing the team, succeeding in bolsterind efenses and backgrounds, but there’s a brief scene where someone who was patrolling the main artery road between communities ■■■■■■ up and he and carl get ambushed by 10-12 walkers. He ■■■■■■■ loses his ■■■■■■■ mind on the guy, very starkly compared to the “benevelent leader/father” that you see in the rest of the volume. It was a very good read.

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Well Judith and Lori die at the same time right? I mean, from what I’ve seen so I can kind of understand that.

That is fact, and honestly, as horrible as it was, it gave the comic more freedom than the show has right now. That ■■■■■■■ baby is a huge liability.

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  1. Why is everyone a big breasted girl exept Pyro?
  2. Why can Pyro talk?
  3. Homewrecker is a fantastic weapon.

I talked more about the official comics by Valve.

Ended up typing this out on the Marvel Heroes boards, I thought you guys may like the rant.

To clarify, this is in a conversation about whether or not marvel’s reboot is a good idea. I mentioned that doing this would free up some concerns with writers not having to count on who came before them and such. Someone said it wouldn’t resolve the problem and then I…

Went off a bit.

Warning, this turned into a rant.

You’re right in that it’s not going to fix it, but it snips a lot of problems in the bud and allows whatever writer is currently manning it a better level of freedom to create what they want to create with the character without having the ghosts of 10 other writers dragging them down. They are suddenly not beholden to what writer Jack Fast wrote in the seventies but was later retconned in the 80s and then re-instated after fan backlash in the 90s.

I don’t know, I may be projecting here, but this has been my major criticism of marvel for some time, and its part of why I as a person haven’t really tried to get invested in a lot of marvel stories for some time. DC has it’s own issues (particularly with trying to dark and gritify everything). It’s physically painful for me to read something that I know the writer did not want to write. This is true through any art. Look at what happened to Spiderman 3 because Raimi was forced to draw venom in because of fan popularity - you end up with a slipshod product, and that was just one character in one project. It does not hold a candle to how I see writers at marvel at this point.

“CONGRATULATIONS! You finally get to write for one of the big two! Alright, so you’re just getting started, so here’s a new E-List superhero that we’re trying to drum up attention for because we have the movie rights. Things you should focus on are X, which the current underground fans of this character love, but you also have to include Y even though it directly conflicts with X, because it’s what older fans of the series are really expecting. Oh, also, we want this character to have a bit part in our big summer event this year, so we’re going to need you to have about 4-5 issues leading into that and then write around whatever we decide to do with him in that as well. Oh, and we wont be taking any of your feedback about what we decide to do with him in that because he really doesn’t matter and you have no clout. Alright! Go out and squeeze us a diamond!”

Rebooting and letting the writers have free reign at least relieves… some of that pressure.

Honest to god I think the company that has the best system now is Image, who just lets each individual title live in their own universe that also just happens to be shared by other Image characters. Occasionally they will do crossovers, but they always let the writers write their own books, and then other writers in the company don’t have to bend over backwards because another writer dicked their character.

It’s hard to explain, but the best example I can give is in Invincible. Invincible very regularly gets into world shattering events, mass catastophies, all that. Image lets Kirkman do whatever he wants in Image’s universe, even when he wants to draft other characters into it. But no one is beholden to what kirkman does in them. Like if he has Savage Dragon show up to say a few words, Savage Dragon’s writer doesn’t have to go “well that’s canon now and I have to write over it”. He can either go “well that’s cool, I may mention it in my book” or he can go “pfft, whatever” and completely ignore it.

I think this is more conducive to better writing, better plots, and everything else. It should not be the writer’s responsibility to hold up everyone and everything that a character has done over 50 years by god knows how many other writers. Rebooting can fix some of that, and I’m sad they’re not taking it farther.