Coming back after long break: UVHM

Hey all! Played BL2 for a long time a couple years ago and hit level cap (50) back then, really enjoyed it. So I remember it being a thing to save all the unique quest rewards until after completing TVHM so the rewards would scale to 50.

Long story short my roommate fried my PS3’s hard drive and I lost my characters (thankfully not my BAR or DLC purchases). My question is do I have to do the same in UVHM? I would like to do this in the most efficient way possible e.g. Not having to reset for say a MM heartbreaker or flame of the fire hawk. Also do DLC’s reset or should i wait until cap to get those phat lewtz??

Really appreciate the help and excited to delve back into Pandora!

P.S. Hoping the PS community is still active. Never really had a chance to have meaningful MP. Cheers!

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Quests scale to your level in UVHM. If you want max level quest rewards then just wait until you’re level 72 to do the quests.

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Sounds cool

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Or reset your progress. Note that will reset all of your progress and start you back in Liar’s Berg with the Cleaning up the Berg mission.


Absolutely. But the original poster said he doesn’t want to reset.

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He also said he was at level 50 (back when level 50 was the cap). UVHM might be a whole new thing for him…

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Easiest for a quick 50-72 run is the main quest line followed by DLC’s, but you may want to dip into Tina DLC up to the forest so you can farm on level bees and do the Mercenary Day DLC so you can do Snowman / Loot Train runs when needed. If there’s a DLC you like though, just do it. You’ll probably want to do a reset when you get to OP levels anyway.