Coming back to the battle. Any good builds on here or anywere

I’m returning back to the game and I would like to know where I can find a good gear and/or helix builds for the battleborn, epically ISIC. So how the game doing?

It got a short kick after the big update, seems dead again for now tho.
Most of the gear has gotten better, they have increased tons of good things.

Well ,check @lowlines website and @Kitru objectives guide in the forum for builds ^^

people keep saying “it’s dead” when it’s doing fine on ps4 and even better on xb1


If you want good gear for Isic, Farm the Symbiotic Gauntlet from The Sentinel Story Mission, and the Bola’s Target Finder from the Experiment on Advanced.

Both are legendary pieces of gear, but they make Isic’s charge shot deal disgusting amounts of damage.


Is isics charge shot considered attack damage or skill damage?

It still receives the boosts from atk & skill dmg gear.

Is this intentional or an oversight? That just seems odd to me.

I would say that it is an oversight. I don’t think the devs addressed this in the past.

I’m certainly not an expert with isic but my build is a rare shield recharge delay, epic attack damage with max shield and an epic skill damage with max shield.
The shield recharge delay works well with isics lvl 1 left helix that gives him more shield recharge delay. Shield basically comes back immediately.

Pat runs Bola’s Target Finder and Symbiotic Gauntlet.

LLLLMLMLR is what I usually run for helixes on ISIC. For gear, what @rich2x7impaler and @vagrantsun suggested works best.

Since I prefer cheaper loadouts than suggested here, I’ll add my loadout too.

I usually go with a free shard gen (-reload speed or -heal power) and an epic gauntlet (Any of them goes, really, so pick whatever)
For the third gear… Currently I think I’m running a green eldrid skill damage.

You could go for survivability too. +Shield is especially useful with Kleese, and plus shield should boost overshield too(?) which is useful when overcharging his ult and when teamed up with Reyna. The epic Jennerit Shield item also has skill dmg as a secondary, might go with that. +Health is also good, especially on bigger targets. Other stats I’m too lazy to go over right now :sweat_smile:

[details=Here’s the exact loadout I have for him now;]
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Though I would switch the LLC gauntlet for this Eldrid one if I had it at max stat.

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I actually think his shots being affected by skill damage is 100% intentional. His primary attack is based off of attack damage, then his passive kicks in when Overcharged and buffs it with skill damage.


it’s mostly the pc crowd saying this mind you. and i do feel for them of course, but you’re not wrong either

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I’m technically actually apart of that crowd now myself, lol.

My epic gauntlet of choice.


Bear in mind @wisecarver is a PvE exclusive player.

When he says “it’s dead”, he means “not many people are queuing for public PvE”.

…Been playing Bot splatter tonight :smile:

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Like I said… PvE.

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