Coming back to the game

Have not played the game since dlc 1 and mayhem 4. Where should i start? Starting with the dlc 2 and direct to mayhem 10. Any tips

Might wanna start at mayhem 6 and get some gear before you hop to 10. Depending on who you play. I think if you play moze, IB does work on MH10 regardless of gear.
Would forsure get a seein’ dead COM with action skill dmg +36% if you’re Zane.

The skill/gear analysis guides will probably be helpful for bringing you up to speed. I think just take on whatever level of challenge you feel comfortable with and then raise it as and when you want. Alternatively, you could powerlevel your chosen character, jump to M10 and farm the golden chest for anything you could make work.

Wouldn’t necessarily recommend hopping straight into M10, the enemies there have about 10 times the bonus health of those on M4. I’d say before you try M10, spend some time on M8 because it’s relatively close in terms of health and is very light on the modifiers which makes it easy to gear up on Mayhem scaled gear.

On M10 the enemies have -

10000% Shield, Health and Armor

You start to get the special drops on M6 or above for guns. Class mods, like the Spiritual Driver for instance, start at M4. So it advisable to get geared from there and move up, you won’t be killing much with normal gear at M10 apart from your money, restocking ammo for every enemy, good luck :slight_smile:

Pff farm light show got to m10 farm another one you are done farming

Well they haven’t done dlc 2 - 3 yet!!

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please do an update on your experience. much appreciated.