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So can Mayhem 10 weapons be used in other mayhem levels

Still don’t see a point for money after reading those… Hope it’s S(uper) D(uper) U(seful) upgrades…

Just want to say that this:


looks awesome and I want it!



Also, please oh please Ironbear still do reasonable damage on M10. oh god i’m so scared my big bear buddy wont scale :worried:

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Modifiers without pointless new gear levels please! :slight_smile:


Should be. I’m imagine it’s like the OP system in BL2, where you can use your MM10 gear at other (lower) modes. This feels like the OP system, where they left the players’ level at 72, but let them use gear up to level 80 (making it relatively stronger, depending on where the player played). We will still be at level 57 in terms of skill points, but we can use, eh, level 67 gear? We’ll see.

I’m sure they said the money was for some bit in the Cartel event. If they were releasing bank/backpack expansions, I think they’d advertise that specifically.

How do people feel about the fact we’ll be having to deal with 4 simultaneous multipliers on M10? With 25 modifiers ranging across easy, medium, hard and very hard, I’m guessing we’re gonna have about 6 modifiers per difficulty.

Did they say there will be new Weapon Levels coinciding with each Mayhem Level, or is this conjecture?

I really hope that is not the case. Farming and building is fun, but not every level cap increase and every Mayhem Level kinda fun. Thats tedious work. I never enjoy a game if it feels like work.

It’s been confirmed in the article.

I guess I’ll wind using whatever I get all the way up to 10, and THEN farm for specific gear at that level.


I have a bad feeling about this. Modifiers like ‘Big Heads’ and ‘Floor is Lava’ sounds fun for about 5 minutes. Why can’t we have a difficulty level which is challenging but doesn’t have any modifiers?


One of the saving graces is you can reroll modifiers at will and quitting or moving to a different area won’t change the modifiers. Some people might choose to reroll the modifiers till they get something they can live with and leave it that way permanently.

yeah I tend to agree. Could do without the gimmicky stuff tbh. Can see myself restarting the game often and that’s going to get old fast

So there is no official thread yet. Then I’m going to leave my feedback here.
Random modifiers in each mh level.
Sad. But at least it sounds like there won’t be things like specific element or weapon buffs/debuffs. That sounds like it would be more balanced this time. But on the other hand, modifiers like increased recoil/decreased accuracy will still debuff specific builds. I was hoping for balanced difficulty levels that don’t force people to reroll their game sessions. Let’s see how it plays.
I never used the sandhawk but I guess people are happy about the reimagination. ^^
Didn’t read anything about skill changes/fixes. I hope they will just be appearing without being announced yet.

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Floor is lava sounds like a slap in the face to Fl4k. One of his best DPS skills is terminally crippled with this mechanic.

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Two things from this news release have left me with a sour taste in my mouth. First of all the implication that we will need to refarm every time we bump up a Mayhem level or two. I did not play into the OP levels in BL2 for this reason. I have no interest in OP levels, which is closer to what MH2.0 sounds like. Secondly I am concerned with the “easy” modifiers being on every mayhem level. At some point, probably sooner than later, things like big heads and lava floors are going to get old and we’re just going to want a straight challenge with no gimmicks. I don’t see a mayhem level that provides this option. More information may put my bad feelings to rest, but with the information we currently have, I am not excited about MH 2.0.

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Pretty much the exact thing people didn’t like about mayhem 1-3 were all the random modifiers that could make or break a build - mixing up 25 seems like it could just double down on that.

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maybe continue writing in here

i think that GBX has an eye on this thread since they opened it

Fixed lolli’s link to go to the official thread OP. Closing this one since we have the official one.

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