Command gauntlet kills Reyna?

If you choose the level 3 helix to have your plasma blast explode and hit multiple targets it will also hurt her if she is close. Was this meant to be?

I came across this while using her legendary gear, I took the upgrade to splash heal/damage people who had an over shield, I decided to try and heal myself with the specific gear.

I used shield booster on a team mate, and when failsafe was active I wanted to see if I could shoot the ground next to me and get the heal from the legendary, it works but it also eats your overshield. So i decided to see if you can hurt yourself with the plasma blasts and you take full damage from your own blasts, in shield and in health.

Surely this is a mistake? she shouldn’t be able to hurt herself with the gauntlet she heals, sheilds, and charges allies shields with?

PS I still think her shield boost is terrible compared to what it was in the CTT, I “missed” shielding a Montana 3 times while standing next to him because I activated the ability too quickly and it didn’t lock on maybe? I am not sure, but please fix it.