Command lvl100 Cap - Unlock to Infinite + Hide from Non-Friends

As this game being from GBX I expected something along the lines of “Badass Level” we saw in BL2 (great idea btw, keeps some incentive going for player progression).

Why are we capped at lvl100 for command rank? Please remove the lock and let players endlessly progress command rank.

The 1k static XP required to lvl up the command rank is a good idea. For this kind of leveling system there is no need to keep incrementing with each higher level attained, it was a good call whoever made it. One thing I would like to see added for each level up of the command rank. A random loot pack should be awarded. With an endless progression system (if command rank is unlocked) a player then has incentive to reach the next level as they will be rewarded.

Lastly, please hide each player’s command rank in MP games. It should hinder the immediate disconnect games and put a slight dent in surrenders at 5min. Only your friends should be able to see each other’s command rank. It is actually more detrimental the way it is now.


This is a good idea. To keep the loot pack reward random make it a random selection of all packs except common.


Bump. There are likely only a few of us that have hit this cap so far, so, others will likely not care for this until they reach it as well.

After running this idea by friends, they had a suggestion that would be more fair for the random loot packs. As each game of Incursion or story mode it is very likely the command level will increase. Instead of getting a random loot pack each level up, every 2nd - 5th level up receive one.

If the above paragraph mechanic is installed in the game, with the command level unlocked players could level up endlessly and be rewarded as well.



I’m disappointed to hear there’s no progression past 100! Though I imagine they already have plans for this in an update.

If I’m not mistaken we already receive loot packs every 5 levels of command rank which seems fine with the current 1000 exp per level thing imo.

I wonder if you will still receive a loot pack every 5000exp at level 100? That would make things okish

If you are lvl 100 I can see why you’d want to hide command rank because at lvl 70 I’m seeing a lot of people quit once they see my rank at the start of the game, but I’m not sure it fits with the feel of the game. Also with a cap of 100, in a couple of months people will start to catch up on levels and lvl 100 should hold less of an intimidation factor.

Maybe rewarding lootpacks every 5000 exp earned in consecutively completed games would be a nice positive way to encourage people to both complete games, and stay for longer games instead of surrendering. Quit a game? progress to next loot pack set to 0. Connection issues causing you to DC? no problem as long as you reconnect before game over. Game doesn’t start? Current progress not reset.


Can we please not make things personal?


One day you will hit 100 as well. Will you want this change to be implemented? (at least in regards to unlocking cap lvl) I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t. The aforementioned question applies to anyone, look at the big picture.

just a fun little poke. i actually agree with you. just mesmerized that people are already that high of a command rank.

sorry, it was all in good fun, i assure you

As others are now making threads asking for the same thing(s), bump.

I’m pretty high up there too. This is def needed. (own a retail business and when things are slow, def playing some BB in the back) lol

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I like it.

I would like to see the reward from every 5th command rank be a token, which the player can spend to buy a faction pack of their choice.


I can understand the whole cap, what with the fact they may add more for leveling in the future. Either way, I agree with basically everything.

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I agree. Good idea all around. Hell I wonder how lvl 100 guys even get a match these days , Played against them a few times and the second my teammates saw them they just dc and left us in a 3v5 so we just surrender at 5 mins dont even have a chance of testing my self against them to see how i match up , sure I might get stomped but what the hell mate.

We need a ■■■■■■■ harsher punishment system for afk/leavers!


Getting rid of commandranks completely.
Add a choice of 3 missions to do:

5000exp gain mission epic loot pack
3000exp gain mission faction loot pack
1500exp gain mission rare loot pack

When its done choose a new.

To some degree command rank matters, but for the most part it is just a number that shows time invested. Each person playing the game will at some point also reach 100. Also, the knowledge is there for those that want it, in Command you can read each hero’s abilities, knowing is half the battle right? It doesn’t take command rank 100 to attain this.

Instead of giving us lootpacks, I would rather have credits. A credit for each experience"gained" after reaching command rank 100. So that in turn would mean that you get 1000 credits after each level up.

I would love the same system implemented to character rank as well. The progression stops after character rank 15. But since character experience takes so much longer to get than command experience, a factor of 3-4 credits for each character experience gained would be good.

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Additional credits for extra XP on character level would be most welcome. The one killer of games is lack of progression/replayability.

As for the credits for post 100 XP, yes for now, but just alleviate the issue and unlock the cap for one. Two, you should be continuously rewarded using the credits per level idea starting at lvl1. It’s a shame those that have reached cap will not get retroactively compensated.

Bump for visibility.

Bump. Do we bump on this forum? I say bump. I’m almost at 100, and I would like taunts/skins for characters I actually use, and those random/commander loot packs are my main way of getting them. I raaaarely get them when I buy loot packs.

It’s not really best practice. I get that a lot of posters think that their threads are the most important issues, but if everyone did it, this place wouldn’t really work. Devs do regularly read the forum, even if they don’t reply, so the assumption that threads need greater visibility is unfounded.