Command menu not loading

It seems I’m only able to access the command menu once per session, on a second time, upon seeing ‘Retriveing meta game data’ the game simply locks up, and not only doesn’t load, but also prevents any actions at all, unless I’m in an mp queue. Otherwise I have to close out and re-launch the game, in order to access the command menu again.


This is happening to me as well

Same happened to me, its been that way all weekend

Lately I have been experiencing an issue with the command section of Battleborn on my Xbox One. I can load into it one time and only one time. If I try to load up the command screen again, I get stuck in an infinite loading screen while my game loads up the data. The only fix I have found is to either wait for matchmaking to find and load a game up or back out to the home screen and quit the game entirely and then reload it. Then I can access it one more time beforw having to rinse and repeat.

Edit: just noticed the other topic. Apologies for repeating.

Same. Its been like that all weekend for me

This started happening to me yesterday and my friend today. Quite annoying to have to kill my game so often after mistakenly going to try and use my credits.

Not sure if this is a bug in Battleborn or something to do with the new dashboard, but I can only access the Command screen one time. If I want to access the command menu again, I get stuck in a loading screen and I have to force close Battleborn and reload the entire game.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks!

this has been happening to xbox preview members since the last patch - only way to access more then once is to back out to title screen and sign back in

Yep, same thing is happening to me as well. It didn’t start as soon as I updated for the Xbox Preview program crap, but it did start about 2 days ago. Really really frustrating since I play in groups a lot and I can’t just go modify my load outs or check lore in between games.

I put in a support ticket about it.