Command menu pet peeve

There is one thing bothering me about the new command menu, minor little thing but UGH it bothers me so much:
When you select a character in the command menu you can’t see their feet. It’s kinda bothering me that you can’t see the full Battleborn. I know it was different in the old menu because I got screenshots.
And no, I don’t have a thing for feet lmao

Anybody else bothered by it? It’s especially annoying to cosplayers (like me) who need references of the full character. Or gif makers who want to gif taunts. I wish there was some kind of zoom in/out option.

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You can only see half of Kelvins face. Some of his taunts are unrecognizable.

True. It’s especially bad in Kelvin’s case.
I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s slightly annoyed by that change.

Other than that I really like the new look of the menu.

Same. It’s an improvement to the previous menu. I just wish they wouldn’t have decided to cut off the lower parts of the models :stuck_out_tongue:
Like I said, a zoom option would be awesome. Or they just put the models more towards the background again so you can see the full models.


Just wish I could modify my loadout and check challenges at character select. Also a way to reference challenges during a match.