Command packs from leveling giving credits instead of guaranteed skin

I don’t know how manyof you this has happened to but most of my command packs before I hit 100 & also friends who are a lower level than me are getting it happen as well.

Basically every few command levels the game gives you a command pack for a specific faction. If you read the description as well loot it says guaranteed skin & a chance at a taunt.

For the most part instead of getting the promised skin I got a stack of 500 credits (occasionally 1000).

It wasn’t because I had all the skins for a faction, to date (I’ve played daily since release) Whiskey Foxtrot is the only character I have all the skins for.

If this is a bug it needs fixing (and maybe compensation for affected players due to the terrible drop rates on standard faction packs) or if it’s not, the description needs updating so it’s not wrong & misleading like it is now.

I think if you roll a duplicate it gives you the coins instead

I think if you roll a duplicate it gives you the coins instead


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This sucks eggs. New skins and taunts are hard enough to come by these days, I wish they would just code it so a skin/taunt you don’t have shows up until you have them all. 500 coins doesn’t even go halfway to buying another faction loot pack.