Command rank 100, Char rank 15

So I kinda think when you hit Command rank 100 or char rank 15, the extra exp you should get should transfer into Credits, and not 1 for 1 but say like 5-10 exp = 1 credit or something.

Does anyone else maybe agree with this?


Definitely !!

Been rank 100 for a while now. Seems useless a bit since command rank didn’t mean much in the first place and command rank doesn’t (I think) have any value what so ever in the actual game besides unlocking characters. And that was only to rank 40. The other 60 were meaningless

I wouldn’t mind say… me playing my 15 Oscar Mike and having that “XP” kinda accumulate so I could dump it in another character at say maybe 1/2 xp penalty. That way I can still play my favorite character Oscar Mike but at the same time level up others to unlock their helix options


Its been said numerous times hopefully GBX can do that for us, i have 2 chars at 15 (Im CR 100) that i need a little bit more lore to get their legendary but im avoiding it because id literally only get the very little mission credits and whatever loot drops. Feels like kind of a waste to be honest. Is something like this possible? @JoeKGBX

I think there’s a few other threads about this lol

Maybe, I mean it honestly makes a lot of sense.
Like I said, it would not be 1 exp for 1 credit, but like 5 - 10 exp for 1 credit. Just something little to earn because it feels kinda bad when you see max exp, so yeah.

Valid concerns and thoughts, but please use one of the existing threads on the topic.

I would merge, but many of the statements would appear out of context in a merge.

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