Command rank 100, Hero rank 15

So I am sure this has been posted, but I would really like to see some rewards for being command rank 100 or hero rank 15. Just maybe a little credits instead of exp. It makes it kinda where you don’t want to play a rank 15 hero.

Just like for every 10 exp, it gives us 1 credit or something. Just something for being command rank 100. Maybe give us exp still but every time you would relevel to 100, you get a random loot pack(Hope that makes sense)
Please Gearbox do something and give us little rewards for being hardcore into your game.


For Hero Rank 15 you already get a taunt. I don’t understand what the issue is here with wanting more.

For the command rank, that has been discussed before already.

Looks like you misunderstood what he was saying, Zigane. He’s not talking about the reward for reaching level 15, he’s tlaking about how playing a level 15 character no longer grants exp, so instead maybe you could get something else.

Yes, glad you understood it. Same with hitting command rank 100, some type of reward after would be nice.
I was not quite sure how to work it so yeah.


Worst is being CR 100 with a character who is Character Rank 15. Each game you get NO Command XP OR Character XP…sometimes it makes it so you don’t really want to play those characters or anything since your reward for those ~30 minutes will boil down to just a few credits (which aren’t that much on their own). That’s a large portion of the incentive to play (for rewards) gone.

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I totally agree. Since we can’t gain exp we should get a little amount of Credits OR, I really like the idea of make us gain exp and everyone time we re-level we gain like a random loot pack or something.
Hope that makes sense.

Yeah, i put up a huge post including this idea

…but no comment by devs or even vague acknowledgement about the issue…

Basically, you get next to no rewards for playing a Rank 15 character and/or Rank 100 Command.
Soooo… why play? Why play that Character? Why not play another you need to lvl?
Maybe you WANT to play your rank 15. Maybe you finished your lore and have thier Lore Legendary.
Maybe you ENJOY that character. Maybe you have a badass loadout for that character.

but NO.
you get nothing, your exp is turned into dust.
especially the exp rewarded from achievements like the reviving people one, or the building turrets on.
Those achievements give you exp, but if you are full command rank, they give you NOTHING.

It’s VERY frustrating to feel like you lost rewards.

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That is honestly how it really does feel like. We are losing rewards because we hit command rank 100 and some heros rank 15.


There is literally no demerit once you hit Hero Rank 15. You can still play the character, hell if you played it to rank 15 I’m sure you have some understanding on how to play and like that character.
If you need a reason to continue playing a character once you hit Rank 15, show off your skill/taunts/skins/titles for them, or go play PVE where that character might be good in your party’s setup.

Wanting extra credits or whatever from Command Rank 100 I understand. Wanting more from a Max Rank character I understand, but that’s just pushing it.