Command Rank level does it really matter?

I’m wondering because people seem to say that the balance in players for matchmaking is bad . Most always say “oh I keep running into level 100 people it’s unfair I’m rank so and so” I don’t think it matter to be honest. Seeing a level 100 does not and will never intimidate me. I think command rank just shows how much a player plays. I’ve gone up multiple 100 players and honestly sometimes their the worst player on the team. I even went up against a full team of 100 and my team won. I believe I’m about to be command rank 50 and but even before when I was lower I was sometimes carrying the team. I’m curious to hear multiple peoples opinion on the topic of “unbalanced team”

Many people don’t know that in PVP they aren’t matched by Command Rank. There is an underlying ELO type value for players based on prior PVP performance. What exactly that is, I don’t know.

CR is time played. You can get to 100 without ever touching PVP. Many do. Maybe you played some of them. Not to take away from your win, but that is how it works.

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As more and more people hit 100, no it doesn’t really matter.

However, if Gearbox decided to expand the scale or, at the very least, allow it to continue indefinitely, it could give you a basic idea about how experienced a person is.

At best, its a scale that can give a very rough idea of what caliber player you’re going against. Little more than that though.

True. There will come the day everyone is CR100 by playtime, so its not really telling about skill.

At all a high CR-rank does´nt mean a player has a good PvP-performance.
I´m at CR41, my fiance is CR87 so far. We played 4 PvP matches so far, won only 1 of those.
The rest of our experience comes from PvE.
So people could say “Oh CR87 Galilea, oh ■■■■!” but no matter how good our performance is in PvE, we certainly lack experience in the PvP modes and thus we´ll play like newbies. Because we are newbies to PvP.
I think there are many people like us two, so yeah, don´t overrate CR. At best just rate the player by his actions & teamplay.

If a CR100 has a highclass PvP-title its a different story. It could be tha this player is actually really good at what he does. Like, killing stuf.

I don’t know how to say this without sounding condescending, so I’m going to apologize in advance :slight_smile:

I intentionally used the word experienced in my response, instead of skilled.

In my opinion, skill is a predetermined, practiced, method of game-play. Experienced people can understand concept, even if they can’t actually perform the concept, in practice.


I agree. I’m very experienced with playing Gal in PVE, but have never taken her into PVP. I got my ass handed to me when I took Shayne in to finish her last bit of lore and only barely managed to eek out a 9-10 K/D ratio. I am looking forward to a rematch though…

Yeah its just when someone says the match making is broken they point at the command rank. I just wanted to know what others thought about the command rank. Like I said to me it just shows how much one plays.

Nyahh, that does´nt sound condescending in any way, I really agree with your perspective here :slight_smile:

I´m rather experienced with game myself, but just the PvE part. My only worry is that new players mistake my CR for PvP-experience, which I just canot serve with.
I guess we´ve the same perspective: A high CR at least shows that the player has experience and that he (hopefully) learned some vital teamplay details and most of the general gameplay. (like reviving, communication when needed, ect., all these little things)
And in the end if someone is unexperienced in any mode its best to communicate with the team so everyone knows theres some compensation to do.

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