Command rank needs upped

Please can something be done for this. Seriously if you go to challenges page there is o whole lot of exp that becomes useless after reaching rank 100 for command,please just calculate all the challenge exp rewards and either up the total command ranking or allow players to reset it so once above lvl 40 players can continue to earn commander loot packs,however the upped command ranking honestly is the better idea,raise it to 200,hell even 500 would be cool,it would give alot of players more reason to play with new/different characters or even go back and play with mastered chars,ups re play ability.mainly because after the first double exp event a good percentage of players had already maxxed out their command rank and the game gets a little boring if the only way you earn loot packs is either buying them or switching chars to get the singular epic loot pack per character

There are already many threads on this subject, please continue the topic in one of those.