Command rank restriction for advanced matchmaking

Am I the only one who thinks this should be a necessity?
I’m not saying all low level players are bad. But with the higher difficulty in advanced missions also comes the need for a more experienced team and if youve got a command rank of 2 chances are you’re not going to know where enemies spawn etc.

I think advanced matchmaking should be a level 20 minimum. For anyone who disagrees just wait until you get matchmade a few times with low command rank players who instantly push forward and die over and over again


I made a similar comment saying they should at LEAST have finished all the normal missions before going into advance.


yes only need to read the title and yes

Honestly this game already locks character, loot packs behind progress do we really need to lock more stuff out to new player?
I feel finishing the campain on normal or a low command rank like 10 if people really think they should be one even though i dont.

I think the point here is doing the normal campaign should easily net you 10 odd command levels, queing for advance at CR2 or one i had today was CR4 is silly


Na whats silly is you paid for a game and then have to rank up in order to play all of the game
How many game have you play where its saids to play the highest difficulty you must first play normal before then. None
Edit turns out this is not true never knew.

Yea, it’s a bad job when you’re pumping out 450k damage on the final phase of Heliophage while a random Mellka is sitting with 100k, lol

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I am not to fond of restricting it based on command rank. I would rather see that they implemented a system where you can only queue for advanced missions that you have completed in normal mode.

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How many games have the hardest difficulty locked untill you complete the game first? There are 100’s of games like this and i dont think its unfair to ask that people who are queing for Advance have game experience so that they can help the other members of their team and not be carried by experienced players.


Thats all i want ^.^

No most games have a challege mode not unlocked.
I have never played a game where i had to go though normal first.

Are you talking online multiplayer games…because games in general i can easily name a ton…

The requirement should be Gold on normal mode on every level you want to queue for.
It´s plain frustrating playing with a group of people who don´t even know this level and you try to get gold (or silver atleast)

I attempted two advanced story last night in public queue(solo). One mission failed within 4 minutes(Experiment) and the other we might have finished if we had 5 players(1 DC at start).

Overall though yes, I feel like we need a CR cap. Maybe at least CR 20 to queue for Advanced. You need some decent gear to choose from and enough experience on the maps to finish these things.

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Well its a stupid way to do it. bare in mind advanced isnt even the hardest differculty.
What games? I would hate if i had to play normal mode before going to hard or even survival becuase the dev though i wasnt good enough just becuase its my first time playing this game.(edit turns out there is)

Going though once on normal is resoniable and i wouldnt be against it but cr 20 is to high.

This happens in many games. I remember gears of war you had to go through campaign on a lower level to open up the next difficulty. Also diablo 3 has similar system. When you start your first character they only unlock the first three difficulties. Once you best it on that difficulty it opens up more.

It was even that way in previous gearbox games.
You couldn’t start borderlands 2 and go straight into true vault hunter mode.

I don’t think level 20 is too high by any means. Plus I don’t even know why people under that would want to do it in the first place. Without the gear and spawn knowledge it’s just going to be a frustrating experience for both you and your team mates


I definitely think 20 is too high. Not only did I have some very successful runs with under 20s last night, I myself am just a 22, but had been soloing advanced content long before.

I’d rather they restrict public advanced until you’ve completed all campaign missions (either privately or pub) once (like they do for public heliophage, requiring 1-7 completion). At least then you’d understand the level design. The difficulty of the enemies can be adapted to quickly enough after initial encounters.

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Everyone knows advanced is much easier solo. Especially since you don’t have an inexperienced person dragging you down.

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So if someone is not allowed to play public advanced before 20, how are they going to know the difficulty of the enemies and the gear requirements for public advanced? You just stated solo advanced isnt an indicator and neither is normal public. By restricting it to level 20 you’re not eliminating playing with inexperienced players, you’re just making them a higher level before you do (and increasing queue times).

The skills you want them to have come from playing the mode. The ratio of success to failure will shift once more people get to play the mode. Does it suck to lose because of one inexperienced person, yes. But that is multiplayer games. You either learn to stomach it or play solo.