Command Rank Restrictions

I’ve noticed the more I’m playing that some parts of the game need some minimal gated off areas.

In PvP public matchmaking I think should require at minimal CR 3 to 5 to enter.

In Advanced Story public matchmaking should be gated off until at least CR 10.

I say this because it just creates a bad user experience for new players and older ones. Older ones now have the pressure of having to carry other players through a pvp match or mission while new players don’t have the gear, skill and character unlocks to be really useful to the team and end up not learning the game as they get carried through content or losing to higher difficulty or more experienced players and having a incorrect/bad experience.

It’s like Skiing, you don’t start someone on a double black diamond (advanced saboteur/Heliophage). Your going to have a bad time.

Anyone else agree or disagree ?

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I think players should unlock advanced matchmaking only when they beat all normal missions


You should not be restricted to play any mode for a game you pay for. I don’t think the game has a population where you want to retrict players anyway. This would just cause more people to leave the game or stop playing.

Versus having a very bad experience for same game they payed for and giving a false impression of what the creators originally intended?

I’ve had two friends leave the game already and sell their copies to Gamestop cause they were going into pvp at rank 1 and 2.

I think it should be common sense that you first try out a character and his skills before getting competitive in the hopes to actually win. If they jumped into PvP without any experience in the game whatsoever its just…megalomaniac. Or better put: overconfident.
Even rank restrictions would not change that there are players with such expectations and such behaviour.

No matter how many FPS or generally games one has played: In a new game we´ve to gather experience since we move on uncommon new grounds.

I disagree, I don’t see why someone cant jump straight in to PVP at rank 1.

Obviously if they expect to be winning, there is an issue, but having an expectation that you shouldn’t jump straight in to PVP I cant relate to.

It was possible during the launch month, but now… It’s must be painful to do this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I’ve started in PVP like a lot of people, I thought.

I definitely get that, but I thought most people would understand that starting fresh they may be at a slight disadvantage.

This has been a recurring theme on most online shooters, people who have been playing having unlocked better weapons/gear/skills.

I suppose how people react to this, will be determined by how realistic they are in regards to expectations, but also on their personal outlook.

So for me its a challenge, and a learning experience. I am not a rager, and generally only get annoyed when I see experienced players not playing the objectives.

I disagree. Most games, especially games with PvP like this, have some sort of tutorial first. Some of them can be skipped, but most of them shouldn’t.

On PC, since the Humble Bundle sale on the game last week, the population has almost tripled. LOTS of new player, which is awesome! However, it’s a common sentiment among players while we’re in the lobbies queueing up, there needs to be a Command Rank gate on PvP.

A CR 2 player has no gear and no experience with any of the characters available to them fresh out of the Prologue. A minimum of CR 3 would help, as they’d have played at least one Mission to get a feel for at least one character and the helix, but they still have no experience actually using the loadouts they’ve unlocked.

CR 5 would be even better. That would be at least two, if not three story missions, and an actual idea of how characters, helix and their loadouts work.

I don’t mind playing with new players at all. It can be really fun, and I’ve played with a lot of really good new players, too! Fresh out of Prologue, though, not so fun.

I agree on the advanced story mode CR gate, as well.

For the argument that people paid for the game, so they should be able to play it all, they can. Just like they have to play to unlock characters, helix mutations, and gear, there’s absolutely no harm in making PvP and Advanced missions need to be unlocked. Is playing a few story missions such a terrible thing?! They’re frickin’ fun, and it would help everyone have a better grouping experience over all.