'Command' screens need a UI overhaul

Big fan, I’ll start there.

But I think there are some definite UI things that need some attention. Another thread mentioned the Surrender screen, agreed, way too obscure, small, and not noticeable. But the one I’m most thinking needs attention is the Command screens, which should be an accessible way to understand more about the characters, gears, etc. It’s a bit of a navigational mess, particularly as a newer player.

Starting with the character list, there should be some additional sorting, especially as newer players (or maybe just me), won’t remember the name of a recent unlock, and then have to deal with a touchy scrolling list with giant overwhelmingly colorful images. Aside from adding a ‘Sort by Unlocked’, I can’t see why those character images need to be so large. Just throw all 25 up there, there’s more than enough room, and you’d still have the character pop up on the right. Fortunately the Battleborn selection screen is way more on point, and easy to use.

There’s just a a lot of top-down information that’s hard to reach. It would be nice to get a better grasp on different play styles (sort by Sniper, Brawler, etc - Easy, Complex, Advanced).

From there, why is the Helix info separate from the other attack information which is just under ‘Information’. Attack inforamtion for the character should be in the same window as the helix.

Even the Packs, Loadout, Gear windows are weirdly split up (and the bank / loadout additional purchase windows).

Again, love the game, but am really frustrated with the UI for that Command area. I hope it get’s reworked.

Agree. Though it is an improvement from the Borderlands menus and gear stash. Someone at Gearbox likes to use the scroll wheel for sure. Screens are big enough where you can show more information. Also when opening the gear window it seems left clicking on items once is super sensitive and sometimes it registers as several clicks (no changes to my windows mouse settings and this doesn’t happen in any other game or application).