Commander Lilith Achievement still unlocked [Xbox One]

The other day, a friend of mine and I ended up commander lilith’s DLC at 100%
we killed the Invincible and the Dark Web also the achievement to have all the rainbow slots but still nothing.

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What do you mean by “still nothing” - do you mean none of the achievements showed up up at all?

right now i unlocked them, BUT if I go to my achievement list i still have them blocked lol

I’ve had that happen to me once on 360 - I hadn’t noticed losing connection to XBLive during a session, so none of the achievements unlocked during that session showed up against my account (only on the 360 itself, so only I saw them). Is it possible something similar happened to you?

I would suggest trying a full power reset to clear cached data, just in case something is messed up there. Otherwise, maybe contact MS support and see if they can suggest something else? I’ve had all my 5th DLC achievements show up so far, but I’ve only played it solo to date.

Ok i found a solution by myself
in practice, if you have the same problem go to the Xbox One achievement section (but not from the drop down menu.)
The steps are:
My profile>Games>Borderlands 2
I know the solution is silly but it is the only one that works lol