Commander Lilith DLC clarified why I don't like TPS all that much

Interesting mental revelation for me.
Playing through the Lilith DLC 10+ times clarified why I don’t like TPS.
It’s the soldiers.
Borderlands, for me, has always differentiated itself from, say Call fo Duty or Battlefield and things in that genre by the quality of the enemies.
Borderlands has always given me interesting enemies, from bizarre fauna to wacky humans. Psychos and screaming midgets are fun, creative, and different. I smile when a psycho runs at me spouting Hamlet, or the midgets in BL1 shriek in their amusing voice.
But TPS and the DLC give us lots of, well, soldiers. Sure they can be challenging to fight, but they don’t have a lot of personality. You’re just slugging it out against human baddies who are pretty similar to your character. And their interaction and catch-phrases are ordinary, again you could be playin CoD instead of crazy BL.
Borderlands is about wacky, creative and bizarre enemies, not soldiers.


You have a lot of soldiers in BL1 and 2 so your argument is kinda weak.

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Thank you for your insightful analysis!

But anyway, I didn’t mention the Lance because they are really a minor part of BL1 (excluding Gen Knoxx DLC of course), and they too suffer from the anonymous no-personality enemy also. Just happens that BL1 has so many other interesting enemies that I can ignore the brief interludes of soldiers.


There’s hardly any in 2, and they’re always accompanied by an assortment of loaders, surveyors, and constructors.