Commander Lilith DLC Echo Logs

If anyone is interested in finding new echo logs, I found one pertaining to Zane in the small alcove area near beginning of Dahl Abandon area. Was outside of the “tree house”.

Please post if you find any other logs. I really want to listen to them thanks :slight_smile:

Just found one in Helios Fallen

Edit : another one from Helios Fallen

Edit 2 : another!


I’m particularly interested in finding the new Claptrap ECHO logs. If anyone has an idea where they are please let me know. I know there’s one in the tunnel by where you find him but I have no idea where the others are

Didn’t look to hard during my run through last night but did find one relating to Vladof and Iron Bears wiping other people out.

supmatto did a video of the bl3 related echo logs, not the locations but the audio themself.

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Just found one echo log in the scarab research center. Just pass tue vending machines, walk across that bridge and you’ll find it on the left

Found another one, after you cleared the lab from the poison and cleared out the enemies in tjat room, you have to go out of there again and just after the first poison wall on the right is another echoe log. Next to a mutated mushroom

And another one after you removed the gas from the second room as you walk on youbhave on your left some kind of meat grinder with a corpse above which holds the second log from the hector side quest. There is a loot chest as well. Then just turn right and to your left is a pile of bags. To its right ther is another echo of cassius in a small arch

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Backburner, behind the building at Brick’s Community Garden (also a challenge location :slight_smile: )

Mount Scarab locations:

^ It was on this bandit!

^ You have to drop down on to this balcony from above


^ I’m missing one still, and both vault symbols - help!

The Burrows


Found Siren ECHO log in the “off-ramp fort” of Dahl Abandon. As you head through the fort there is a room with some trucks, go to the truck on the left when you enter and there is the echo log on the front bumper.