Commander lilith Dlc loot

is there a link to a list of farmable loot drops and mission rewards for this dlc? i havnt played it yet. id like to know whats worth getting.

Edit: woops i posted in BL3 not Bl2. Mods please move this to the correct forum. thanks

Use Lootlemon for drops and other info

I personally like the Toothpick, Infection Cleaner and Electric Chair. All pretty easily obtained as world drops, I tend to farm the first area of The burrows for this stuff.
The M2828 Thompson is also a fine weapon, and almost trivially easy to farm, just beat up 6-8 marauder clan enemies and open a chest til you get one.

And of course, Uranus is a magical enemy who drops 1-4 legendaries every kill from any part of the game.

There’s also this thread, which is specific for the DLC:

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I probably should get off my tuchas and put in the pretty colors and stuff, but I got busy and forgot. Oh poo. My bad.

But, all of that info was confirmed by folks here, and was accurate at the time of last edit, so I am reasonably confident in its veracity, providing a patch or hotfix I’m unaware of isn’t at work.