Commander Lilith dlc not letting me get it for free

I downloaded the new DLC the day it came out and went to double check the last day it was free it said I had to pay for it. Even when I put in my disc for BL:THC still told me I had to pay for it. It never recorded that I downloaded it when it was free and the last day wouldn’t let me.

Did you played it?

I know there was an issue on PS where a region mis-match between disk-based HC and the DLC download meant the game never recognized the DLC. I’m wondering if there’s something similar going on here. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to check that information. You may want to contact MS support in the first instance in case it’s something like that. If they can’t help, you can also file a support ticket with Gearbox.

l beIieve it’s no Ionger free

As of yesterday, that is correct. However, if it had already been downloaded during the free period that should be irrelevant.

Strange, my bad