Commander Lilith DLC on Epic

Is there any info on when the Commander Lilith DLC for BL2 will be available to purchase on the Epic Store?

When I go to get it, it just says Coming Soon and no details on when …

I already have this DLC on my PS4 but I recently (Feb 2020) converted my gaming to PC and have started BL2 over on the PC platform and would really like to have this DLC.

I’ve been looking for this also.

I have heard rumor of September. Based off some temporary exclusive for the PC platform expiring. True or not, I really don’t know.

There is a fix for using the OP levels that are otherwise blocked off on EPIC due to a GBX unintended or underhanded implementation of said dlc preventing their use without Lilith dlc.

To play the OP levels without Lilith dlc you can use the hex multi tool for BL2 (and TPS) to adjust the max lvl attainable. Turning the max lvl to 81, not 80 for whatever reason, will allow the game to recognize you as adequate lvl to advance OP levels from running the peak. Without the dlc, lvl 72 is inadequate to use the OP lvls. The dlc broke it.

Yes, this fix results in being lvl 81 rather than 80, but it’s better than being locked out of a highly important aspect of the game that had already been paid for.

This solution has been better than waiting for something that may never come for me. Already owned the game on steam (only some dlc though), Xbox 360, and handsome collection for PS4. Not thrilled about being strong armed into buying all the dlc again on steam to play the game I bought 3 other times so… Yay workarounds.

Edit: P.S. Welcome to the dark side. Enjoy power and control beyond your wildest dreams as you inevitably laugh in pity at the unfortunates whom struggle eternally with their shackles to limitations… kidding, sort of.

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Someone just posted a link to this:

Free until Oct. 2nd 2020 9 AM (doesn’t specify time zone)

Thank you thank you! I actually snagged this up earlier today.

Not a fan of epic, but I’m a fan of free, lol. Already bought like 4 copies on consoles over the years.


Thank you so much!!! Downloading it now.