Commander Lilith DLC unavailable [XBOX ONE]

I downloaded the commander Lilith DLC for free when it first came out. Played it, beat it, but it all of a sudden stopped working. The rainbow weapons I got from the DLC even say [requires fight for sanctuary DLC]

I go to my installed games list and I see that the DLC is installed. So I think well maybe a quick unistall/reinstall will fix it. I uninstall the game BUT it doesn’t show up under my reinstall list! I go to the game hub to see if I can reinstall from there BUT the only option it’s giving me is to buy the DLC for 14.99!!

Anyone know a fix for this?

Contact MS support.

Fixed it. A bit of context first: I was able to play B2 via gameshare. I downloaded the DLC when it was free but since the main game was on the other account the DLC was registerrd to that account. When the other account lost access to gameshare, I enrolled in gamepass with all my B2 data but Commander Lilith was already passed it’s free expiration date.

Luckily xbox support found a way to reinstate gameshare between me and the other account.