Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary - Audio bug (no dialogues)

Hi, I’ve just played the DLC and noticed that all dialogues stopped when I entered “The Backburner”. All NPCs are not talking anymore, I have no subtitles and no echo logs. I’ve also reinstalled everything but the problem still occurs. When I’m traveling to any other destination outside the Lilith DLC everything is fine. Any suggestions how to fix that?

I have the exact same problem. I’ve just bought the dlc and no sounds during the dialogues

There are quite a few threads reporting audio issues with the whole game, but I don’t recall seeing folks have a problem with just the Lilith DLC before. I’ll assume that you already verified the game files in Steam (but if not please do so!) It might still be worth popping the task manager open, see what’s running alongside the game, and kill any audio managers/enhancers, chat clients, etc. one at a time just in case there’s a conflict with something there.

Otherwise, you can file a support ticket for additional trouble-shooting support.

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Thank you for your answer!

I don’t know what do you mean with that.
I also noticed that if I change the language to english that everything is working fine. If I change the language back to german than there aren’t any dialogues anymore…

Verify files:

On the language issue - not sure, but maybe one of the other German regulars has some insight (@Curmudge0n?).

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I’d like to help, but I play exclusively in English, so I didn’t notice that there’s a problem with the German audio files and subtitles. I am abroad at the moment, but I’ll take a look at it when I’m back home, just to see if I can at least verify the problem.


I’ve just verified the game files and there was one bad file. After the download (size of file is 624 bytes) I’ve verified the game files again and there was again on bad file (624 bytes).

IIRC that’s one you can ignore - I forget exactly what it is, but I’ve seen that reported before with the original release.

You may want to specifically check with support whether the digital version of the DLC you have from Steam includes the language localizations or not.

I play it in Spanish and I have the same problem. I think I found the problem, steam does not download the dlc audio file, if you go to the folder: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\DLC\Anemone\Lic\Audio” you will see that the audio does not appear, I have tried to download different languages ​​and the only one that downloads is English.

You’re right, you can see on SteamDB that for some reason they’ve deleted all audio files (except English) from DLC5 in the last patch. You can fix it on PC by taking those missing audio files from an older version of the game and putting them at this same location. It’s the only option we have for now until a fix is addressed.

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Thanks for the very useful information. Is there an easy way to get those file without having an old version on the pc?
I tried figuring how to get it via steam console and steamdb but somehow i am too stupid… :frowning:

I downloaded some files, but did not get it to work.
download_depot 49520 224172 2701302233016787896
Which is the German package for the dlc :face_with_monocle:

I’ve made all of the missing audio files available until a patch fix it:


Awesome! You saved my girlfriends and my evening :slight_smile:

I’ve played it in english now but glad that there is a solution for everyone else :slight_smile: