Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary Free On Epic until Oct. 2


Yes! Finally!

Does not work. It suffers the same issue all other platforms had a year ago, the game
does not recognize the DLC.
Epic store says i own it, manage addons says it is installed, i reinstalled the base game
and fight for sanctuary DLC, i restarted the PC and relooged into the epic games store, i reconfirmed its listed as owned and installed, and the game does not recognize it.

In game using a fast travel station and selecting fight for sanctuary yields a little
info box:
You can’t fast travel to that location because you do not own the content. Download it now.


Had the same issue. I installed CL DLC and encountered the same prompt.

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I didn’t realize it’s not just the commander DLC but also the UHD pack DLC is not working as well on Epic. Wasted 6 GB of storage for nothing. Sadge

As far as the UHD pack goes it might just be for resolutions higher than 1080p.

You.may have to go into file manager & delete all files accordingly that did not get uninstalled the first time. I had similar problem on the 360 platform 2 yes ago maybe longer. I couldn’t fast travel to destination due to same message. I went into 360 files & manually deleted files including my profile. I backed up profile & saved games on a thumbdrive just in case. It worked then I reinstalled saved games. I can’t remember if I reinstalled profile. Not sure if this info will even help you, but I thought I would pass it along just in case…

Same problem

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It’s not working sadly…
Let’s hope they resolve this fast since it’s a one year old bug…


Please file a support ticket for issues with the DLC.

That would be the 4K/UHD textures, yes.

Is there a link to download it? If so, what happens if you click on it? (Been some similar weirdness on consoles with BL3 DLCs, and that’s one way to get around the issue there)

same thing for me,

Epic is useless :

Epic Games Player Support September 2, 17:27 GMT

Je vous remercie votre réponse.

Pour mieux vous aider, vous devez aller sur le site du developer du jeux Borderlands 2.

Voici le lien:

Si vous avez d’autres commentaires, questions, suggestions ou besoin d’aide, n’hésitez pas à me recontacter. J’apprécie toujours vos messages.

Bonne journée !


Alpha Mike

September 2, 16:56 GMT

I tried to delete all profiles files, no change

Jesus, BL2 is a shitshow ever since they started messing with it

I used the support ticket and got a reply to give more information about… And magically after 2 minutes(and I did nothing in the meanwhile) the dlc was working!

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Thanks, man :slight_smile: It works now.

It work for me too

how to file support ticket i was new in here and sorry for my bad english too


Closing thread since this topic is very out of date. If fresh issues arise, please post in the relevant Tech Support section.

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