Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary Not Free Anymore

Just a heads up.

The Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC was free until July 8 but now costs 14.99 dollars / 14.99 euros / 11.99 pounds.


I was surprised at the free drop. And a little surprised at the $15 cost now. But I guess it will be on sale at some point for those that missed the window of opportunity. Still, it seems like $10 would have been the standard price for a DLC of this size.

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I downloaded the DLC as soon as it dropped, played a little of it. After a few weeks I’ve re-downloaded BL2 and I see that the DLC is not in my “ready to download” tab on xbox anymore. Go to the store, says I own it. When I click on it though it comes up with a price as if I don’t. Needless to say I’m rather annoyed. So even if you were lucky to grab it for free in that window it doesn’t look like it matters anyway…

I would suggest contacting MS and see if they have any suggestions about that - maybe there’s a workaround for restoring the game and content to your XB1 that doesn’t involve going back through the store?

I’d also recommend keeping any eye out for a deal on a 1-3 TB external drive, just so you don’t have to keep re-downloading stuff. I managed to score a 3 TB drive for a really good price, and I can play pretty much everything straight off there without issues.

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Love Gearbox for giving me this dlc for free! Awesome games company

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Thanks I dl’d it, played it, now it isn’t in my library on steam anymore. It screwed up all 4 of my OP8 characters and the lvl increase makes destruction peak and OP8 levels inaccessible. Thanks jerks. PATCH THIS OUT NOW!
I DL FOR FREE, COME BACK 3 MONTHS LATER IT’S GONE AND ALL MY OP8 CHARACTERS ARE LVL 72 WITH NO POSSIBILITY OF GAINING BACK THOSE OP LEVELS UNLESS I SPEND 15 MORE DOLLARS? Thanks for pulling a destiny on us and making us spend more money to even utilize content we already owned. FIX it or I will NEVER EVER EVER spend another cent on a Gearbox game ever again!

In the first instance, I would suggest contacting Steam support over this - you should still have it if you had downloaded it while free.

The point is that OP lvls came with destruction peak, a lvl 72 dlc. By raising lvl cap it makes that dlc useless unless we spend another 15 dollars. How do you not see that as a issue? The new dlc should have no impact on old dlc functionality AT ALL.

Secondly steam support can take 6 weeks to respond, when the destruction peak and op levels should have been in no way affected by a new dlc. It’s a big middle finger to those of us that had already purchased it, spent well over 600 hours playing the game to have content downgraded unless we shell out another 15 bucks. It’s just greedy.