Commander Lilith & the fight for Sanctuary - UVHM playthrough

YOHOOOO the new unbelievable dlc has arrived…so I dived right in yesterday…I couldnt play much because the update&dlc released later at night…
I was confused in the begining that the started mission was at lvl 72…and then I realized there is no op8 because you get xp and probably 8 extra lvl lol…I clearly overpowered here but oh well I continued anyway…its my 1st playthrough…I’ll definitly do other challenging playthrough later on…so I just running through and enjoying the moment…still cant believe they actually released a dlc with extra rarity weapons and items and extra 8 lvls…just 3 months before BL3…Just WOW…Iam just happy XD

Forgot to say that I’m doing all side missions except the raid boss…I’ll do that later

part 2

Part 3

part 4

part 5
Killing the final boss and the ending



And with this every mission is done except for the raid boss mission…