Commander Lillith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC New Gear (WIP, please be kind.)

Credit to @Jefe for the idea, @Slif_One for the nudge that got me to open the thread, and @Enderborn1 for inspiring it with his love letter to the Sincero Amigo.

The aforementioned Ballad of the Sincero Amigo by @Enderborn1, because it should be required listening.

[Link to screenshots of the new heads and skins available in the new DLC] (New Skins and Heads : DLC 5)
Courtesy of @Jefe.

Maps of the new DLC, helpful for chest farming and route planning.

Some info concerning the Toothpick you may want to have a look at.

Intended to be a list of new gear introduced in the latest DLC. Hopefully with sources and special effects. This post will be essentially naked until I have a few extra minutes to start collating the data already in other threads. Feel free (and encouraged) to post submissions in this thread and I’ll try to update it as often as possible. (Free likes as I like every response in a thread I start.) Information considered pertinent for the purposes of this thread: gear type, source, element where applicable, special effect and red text. Help with formatting always appreciated.

List to be formatted and made pretty later. Effervescent unless otherwise labeled. (All information used is gleaned from the wiki. Any further info will be incorporated and credited moving forward.)

Hector’s Paradise (legendary)
The Whip at New Pandora’s Backs
Shock element Dahl pistol with a melee attachment (shock Hornet)
Echoes of the Past mission reward

Sincero Amigo (legendary)
A True Friend Can Penetrate Any Barrier
Bypasses all shields (transfers to vehicle guns)
Jakob’s sniper rifle with increased base damage and melee attachment
Mission reward for BFFFs.

Writhing Deep Set:
A simple solution to a dire problem.
Incendiary Dahl assault rifle
Drops from Sandworms

Mouthwash (Eridian)
Gargle and spit. – Increases Toothpick damage
Mission reward for Paradise Found

Retainer (Hyperion: Maylay, that’s right, Maylay shield)
Retains your guts inside your body, where they belong. Increases speed and jump height when equipped with the Toothpick in Writhing Deep. (Identical stats to an Order shield with the same parts)
Drops from Sandworms

Digistruct Peak Set (all drop from Haderax the Invincible):
Peak Opener (Torgue)
Top-tier pick for optimal play. – Always shock. Fires rockets that drop 3 child grenades on impact. Child grenades deal explosive damage. Increased fire rate when zoomed in. Consumes 4 ammo per shot.

Hard Carry (Eridian)
Tough to lose when you’re this broken.
Increases Fight for Your Life time and health when worn with Easy Mode.

Easy Mode (Maliwan)
Keep the pressure up without getting bodied.

  • Increased capacity and nova damage. Reduced nova radius. (Always shock element)
  • Increases Peak Opener damage in Digistruct Peak.
  • Increases Fight For Your Life Time and health while on Digistruct Peak with the Hard Carry equipped.

Infection Cleaner (Tediore)
Shhhhh. I’ll take care of everything.
Always incendiary. Behaves like a Bouncing Betty Grenade when reloaded. Regenerates SMG ammo when wielded. (Incendiary locked Avenger)
Drops from New Pandora soldiers

Winter Is Over (Blue/Unique)
Winter is Over is a unique relic manufactured by the Eridians. Winter is Over is dropped by Ghost in The Burrows. (Functionally identical to an incendiary relic and a possible Purple rarity spawn, as per @Slif_One. Thank you.)

M2828 Thumpson (legendary)
Every soldier has 2 families: The one you raise and the one you raise hell with.
Increased damage, critical hit bonus and magazine size. (A more stable and accurate Hammer Buster.) Farmable with repeated pokes at the grave between save/quit cycles.
Drops from a marked grave in the Dahl abandon. Can reset the grave by exiting the map and then returning. No save/quit required.

Grave Location


Hot Mama (Jakobs)
Sniper is a lonely occupation.
Always Incendiary. Unique voice module. Increased damage, accuracy, reload speed and magazine size. Bolt action fire rate. Fixed melee attachment. Projectiles have a trail of purple hearts on either side of the bullet path.
Drops from Lt Hoffman in Mt Scarab Research Center

World Burn (Torgue)
War does not compute.
Always incendiary. Rockets fly in an arc and explode in a mushroom cloud. Increased damage and magazine size. Reduced reload speed.
Drops from Lt Bolson in the Dahl Abandon

Nirvana (Maliwan)
Look, life’s a bitch. Get over it. Burn something to the ground.
Always incendiary. Slightly reduced bullet damage and accuracy. Increased magazine size, elemental damage and elemental chance. 50% splash damage. (Hellfire with a shiny skin)
Drops from Infected Badass Saplings

Antifection (Vladof)
By fire be purged.
Deploys like a tesla grenade which then sends out tiny grenades exploding when hitting the ground.
Drops from Cassius (incendiary locked grenade, similar to a Fire Bee but with explosive MIRV bomblets.)

Electric Chair (Vladof)
The truth is often the best shield.
Launches eight smaller range, child Tesla grenades in an even distribution around the deployment point. When the child grenades are first sent out, there is a shock explosion within the range of the Tesla.
Drops from Uranus (heh. I typed Uranus. Heh.)

Unicornsplosion (Torgue)
A magnificent gift from a dear friend neither forgotten nor forsaken.
Fires a miniature Butt Stallion which explodes upon impact, spawning three smaller projectiles, which also explode on impact. Consumes 2 ammo per shot. (What it sounds like. A shiny rainbow skinned SWORDSPLOSION!!! that fires Unicorns instead of swords.) Drops from Butt Stallion the first time you feed her in the Backburner while wearing the Mysterious Amulet from Mr Miz. Once per character. :cry:

Overcompensator (Legendary Hyperion Shotgun)
You can either surf or you can fight.
Unique voice module. Reduced pellet count. Increased accuracy, fire rate and magazine size. The magazine has a chance to refill a random amount of ammo when fired. Consumes 1 ammo per shot.
Mission reward for Chief Executive Overlord


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Not at my game, so I’m going off of memory, but the Infection Cleaner is literally a Fire-element Avenger that is available in Normal Mode and TVHM. The Sincero Amigo is not just a Trespasser on crack; it’s also the best Jakob’s Sniper in the game. It’s damage actually beats out the Skullmasher (previously the Sniper with the best Damage in the game), and all it’s other stats are better,as well. The Overcompensator is literally a talking Butcher, again available in Normal mode and TVHM. The Anti-Fection grenade dropped by Cassius is basically a Fire Bee, but instead of sending out missiles, it has a mirv effect, throwing out flaming shrapnel. Not sure if the shrapnel explodes or not, but it is extra damage. Finally, the Hector’s Paradise is just a Shock Hornet, complete with the same skin.


Linking @rja’s post from the other thread here so I have all of this in one place. Thank you @rja. I’ll start updating this post tonight.


Link to the videos here:

Joltzdude1939 videos


Ki11er Six videos


A collection of character skins would be pretty cool too :wink:
Although on second thought maybe a separate thread would be wiser.

Also the wiki has already added a page for effervescents and has added the new legendaries to the leg page (but not sorted by DLC, so they’re in there with all BL2).

It doesn’t look like there are any new blue uniques?


I think the “Winter is over” incendiary relic may count as a blue unique, although I don’t know that there is a special effect. Either way it’s going on the list when I get there.

Good catch on the new wiki entries. I’ll be using those until they’re proven inaccurate. :+1:


Missing from the legendary page at the moment, but does have its own page, is the M2828 Thumpson, which is essentially a Hammer Buster after undergoing some serious weight training.


Basically, Effervescents are what Pearls want to be but fail to be. :wink:


I have had that thought once or twice since folks started finding them. Definitely the Infection Cleaner.


@Kurtdawg13 brought this to attention

Currently working on this :wink:


Me too. And added to the list. Thank you.

Just realized this means I need to go and get a mysterious amulet. Do you think the level of the amulet matters? I’ve probably got the ability to get it in UVHM on one toon or another, but if I can speed it up (or make it easier) by getting a normal mode one I might do that instead.




Cool. Still waiting until level 80 to grab it, and probably with Kriegtopher, but good to keep in mind.


Here’s a possible formatting suggestion :

Hector’s Paradise - The whip at the New Pandoran’s backs

  • Traits : shock element Dahl pistol with a melee attachment and the Hornet skin
  • Source : Echoes of the Past mission reward
  • Wiki entry

[color=orange] **Hector’s Paradise** [/color] - [color=#f44]The whip at the New Pandoran's backs [/color]
- **Traits** : shock element Dahl pistol with a melee attachment and the Hornet skin
- **Source** : *Echoes of the Past* mission reward
- [Wiki entry]('s_Paradise)

If you want to use that, copy and paste the code and remove the ` from the beginning and end of each line. Or we can get a mod to start a wiki/PM.


I like the way that looks, I’d love to use it. This is my first attempt at an informative/reference post and advice/help is very welcome.

I like the way this sounds, if you and/or anyone else is game. Otherwise I’ll try to edit in the code and reformat it later/in the nearish future. I just wanted to get it up there because guilt.


I don’t have the mysterious amulet anymore D:

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Assuming you didn’t run the DLC in Normal, you could speed-run it. Should be quick.


I’m not sure which playthrough I did it on. I know I had it on my Axton when I installed the new dlc, but I sold it thinking I didn’t need it anymore, and on UVHM I apparently didn’t have any of the four older dlcs even started. I’ll have to check TVHM

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I only ran the DLC in Normal once with my first Gaige, and I use her to farm level 30ish Magic Missile nades, so that speedrun is exactly the plan. When I’m ready for my Unicornsplosion that is definitely how I’m gonna do it.