Commander loot pack turning into Core loot pack

I did two ops last night (friendship raid and the phoebe ops), managing to get 100 ops points in both. I was rewarded a Eldrid commander loot pack for both. When I went to open them, the animation was of a core loot pack opening. I received no faction gear at all from either loot pack opened, so I don’t think it was a visual bug.

Here is a video of this happening.

For what it is worth, I had previously completed the Phoebe operation with 100 ops points before. I had never completed the friendship raid with 100 ops points until last night. Both resulting commander packs turned into core loot packs.

Both the pieces were Rare Eldrid pieces, so I think it may have been a visual bug!

Thanks! it occurred to me that the two coin packs were probably duplicate skins. Strange visual bug!

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Two Rares is a pretty bad Commander pack though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gotten that visual bug, too. But as for the pack’s contents, those were definitely a duplicate skin, a duplicate taunt, and being forsaken by RNJesus.