Commander Pack Legendary

Just got this from a Commander pack, it might be too strong in a full upr team

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Hell, if it stacks, and everyone has it activated, then that’s a pretty decent amount of Damage Resistance. Somewhere in the 20% region.


At max roll
if you’re all standing next to each other
just the one gives you 23.1% DR and 17.5% (or maybe just 3.5%)for everyone else

If it stacked it would put you over 100% DR (or 41.2%)

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Upr team dont have healers :slight_smile: that dr should worth it.

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Finally, a reason to play some UPR.

I still wont do it though.

I have 29 commander packs saved up, only one is UPR because I had to play OM for the “Femme Fatale” title. Ugh.