Commander planetoid

I picked up a firestone commander planetoid from sheega has anyone ever seen one of these

I don’t think I’ve seen a Fire Stone version, but I use some other flavors of Commander Planetoid relics.

They do exist - I have at least a Shock Stone Planetoid (took me quite some time to check bank and backpacks of my VHs to verify I have one… :slight_smile: ). My Atlas Zane had it, and it’s rather useless for him, so probably need to put it in a bank.

AFAIK, Stone is a ‘prefix’ and Planetoid is a ‘suffix’ for legendary relics, so presumably all combinations are possible. E.g. I have a several XXX Stone White Elephants, which also double dips into melee effects. They are really nice for ‘melee’ with Facepuncher, Fishslap, and Blade Fury, I suspect. :wink: