Commando and gunzerker team

Hey there so my wife and I are playing borderlands 2 this is her first playthrough she’s a commando and I am a gunzerker I’m looking for some recommendations to have our character choices complement each other builds or anything really

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Fortunately (or unfortunately, for the sake of a helpful response) both Axton and Sal are the least specialized characters in the game.

They both make any gear work equally well, have decent - but not extraordinary - skill-based healing ; but neither have any specific skill synergies for co-op.

Axton has Longbow and Maglock which is nice for co-op : pin the turret(s) behind your targets to draw aggro, leaving their backs exposed.

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Same here. Axton has great explosive modifiers and benefits more from a partner that has some skill from range. The turret would limit Sals gunzerk duration as Sal benefits from mob density to keep his gunzerk alive. In Sals case I’d support with a siren. For Axton I prefer an assassin as a partner.

I played a gunserker supporting my partner playing a siren. I had to really hold back to stop killing everything before she had a chance to get into the fight. You might want to consider playing a siren in support/healing.

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Consider running a Hoarder COM with Sal and a Gunner with Axton. Everyone fires faster and has more bullets.

my wife and i play gunzerker + maya.
her maya runs sham + norfleet. it’s great for healing. even better, phaselock makes sal really shine because phaselock can mass stun enemies. with maya’s converge and subsequence, sal can kill the dangerous enemies that maya phaselocks. maya uses norfleet and kills all minor enemies. phaselock picks up only big enemies that can’t be norfleet 1 shot, which usually means larger badasses. deputy sal can easily crit and 1 shot larger badasses, resulting in very fast clears without element matching. since enemies are perpetually being pulled into the next phaselock, shields are rarely important.
maya’s revive is amazing for any team composition. for boss fights, maya’s revive is great for sal, who may go down fighting bosses. similarly, maya can easily handle minor enemies in boss fights while sal focuses larger enemies.
maya has 4 kill skills, most of which are unnecessary with a tank. as a result, they’re not competing for kill skills. sal’s nklo is good, but in the event it’s needed, he has easy access to it (critting phaselocked enemies). sal’s also not dependent on kill skills, but is able to make use of it when available.
i find axton to be somewhat dependent with onslaught and metal storm. if sal takes kills, axton’s dps drops and has a harder time.
the same problems exist with zero, where critical ascension is important for sniper zero, but gunzerker kills faster than zero can run to enemies with melee zero. similarly, krieg has many bloodsplosion combos that really need team cooperation to shine, with enemies dying too soon being a problem for dps.
gaige plays similarly to gunzerker with high dps and maya’s revive being invaluable. in a team, i prefer sal, maya and gaige, in that order.