Commando Master List: Build Collection

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Thanks to Mirrorada for originally doing this.

If you have a build you wish to have added to the OP please list the following when submitting your build:

Manufacturer: (name of manu.)
Type: ( DPS, Tank, Survival/Support, Misc/Boss)
Name and link:
Level of build: (please list if it is OP 8 compatible)
Specific gear needed: Yes or No
Difficulty Level: Low, Med, High

Here’s the code for easier submissions:

**Manufacturer:** (name of manu.) **OR** **Type:** ( DPS, Tank, Survival/Support, Melee, Misc/Boss) **Name and link:** **Level of build:** **Specific Gear needed:** Yes or No **Difficulty level:** Low, Med, High

Builds are broken down by their primary function. However, this does not mean that a build under the “Pure DPS” tag is ONLY a DPS build. The tags are set up so that we can organize builds based on what their biggest strength is. This should make it easier for people to find a build archetype that they want to play with.

All builds are property of their original creators.

Type : DPS/Mobbing
Name and link : Shaktiboy’s Beefour
Level of build : 72 - OP8
Specific gear needed : Yes
Difficulty level : High

Type: DPS
Name and link: Flexible Explosive
Level of build: 72-OP8
Specific Gear needed: Yes (explosive weaponry only)
Difficulty level: Medium

Type: Pure DPS
Name: Last Man Standing
Level of Build: 72 and +OP8
Specific Gear Needed: No
Difficulty Level: Medium to High

Type: Pure DPS
Name and link: Ultimate Rifleman
Level of build: OP 8 compatible
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty Level: Medium

Type: Pure DPS
Name and Link: The “Lead Storm” Commando Build
Level of Build: 72-OP8
Specific Gear Needed: Yes (Lead Storm, Rifleman COM
Difficulty: Medium

Manufacturer: Bandit
Type: Mobbing
Name and link: The Bandit Specialist
Level of build: 72 to OP2
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty Level: Med

Manufacture: Jakobs
Name and Link: Axton the Leatherneck
Level of Build: 72
Specific Gear Needed: Yes
Difficulty Level: Medium to High

Manufacturer: Torgue
Name and link: Generic Torguemando
Level of build: 72 and +OP8
Specific gear needed: No/yes
Difficulty level: Low to Medium

Manufacturer: Dahl
Build name: Dahl commando
Build type: Dahl Allegiance /DPS
Specific Weapons: Yes
Difficulty: Low-High Depending on OP level
OP 8 Compatible: Yes

Manufacturer: Jakobs
Build name: Pure Jakobs fire power
Build type: DPS/Allegiance
Specific Weapons: Yes
Difficulty: Medium-High
OP 8 Compatible: Yes

Type: Tank
Name and link: The “Hardened Veteran” Commando Build
Level of build: OP 8 compatible.
Specific gear needed: Yes (Legendary Soldier)
Difficulty Level: Medium.

Type: Support
Name and Link: The Gemgineer
Level of Build: Level 72, capable at OP8
Specific Gear Needed: Yes, with exceptions
Difficulty Level: Medium to high

Type: DPS/Survival
Name: Hail Storm
Level: 72/OP8
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty Level: Medium

Type: Misc
Name and link: Forever Malone
Level of build: 72-OP 8
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Medium

Type: Misc
Name and link: Bullet Barrage
Level of build: 72-OP8
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Medium

Get your Build added!

You MUST have a thread or Google document dedicated to your build.

  1. A link to YOUR dedicated thread or write up on your build.
  2. Your Builds Name. If you haven’t come up with a name yet, it’s O.K. This is optional.
  3. What type of build is this?
  • Is it pure DPS?
  • Is it a boss farming build or one for a specific boss fight?
  • Take a look at the different categories and pick which one best describes your build.
  • What level is it for 50? 61? for leveling?
  • If you’ve made it to this step, CONGRATULATIONS! No really, Thank you for reading this far.

Tips and Tricks for an AWESOME build write up

Here are a few key things to have on your dedicated page, thread or document for your build.

  • Have either a screen shot or a link to a skill calculator with the build set up.
  • Describe what the build is intended for.
  • If your build requires or is dependent on a certain gear set up, list needed gear items, and if you can how to acquire said items.
  • Be descriptive. The more information you provide about your build, the better. Describe why you’ve chosen the skills you have, why the gear or weapons you have listed are a ‘Must Have’, even videos of the build in action. Anything helps people make a better informed decision on your build and if it’s something they might like to try.
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(I'm back! Somewhat!) #2

Hey man, can I add my build once I’ve done a thread on it?

(Cast Iron Chef) #3

Yep. I would follow Mirrorada’s suggestions for writing up an awesome build. :smile:

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(I'm back! Somewhat!) #4

Awesome man, and yeah will do!

(PikAss) #5

Is the link for the Hail Storm build broken or is there another reason why I can’t open it? I wonder, because the other links work just fine.

(Cast Iron Chef) #6

It’s because the person who submitted that build didn’t link to an actual build thread, but his profile on the old forums. I’m going to remove it for now.

I found another build not in the original list, so I’ll add that one.

(PikAss) #7

ah, that’s why. thanks for your quick response

(Cast Iron Chef) #8

Anytime. @ThatOneGuy23, would you mind porting your Vladof Axton build over here? Thanks.

P.S. I hope you’re happy I got your name right. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Enemy of Thunder) #9

Oh ■■■■, I deleted my user notes because I had too many

(Private Instigator) #10

My Axton the Leatherneck build has been ported over now.

(Cast Iron Chef) #11

Updated. Thanks Troubled.

(Reliableguy) #12

Can I add my build? Or is this a dead thread?

(Reliableguy) #13

How do I link to a skill calculator? I’m kind of new to this

(Cast Iron Chef) #14

Yes! And No! :dukecheese:

Post the link and I’ll take care of it. Make sure you already have a thread about your build first, though.

(Reliableguy) #15


That is my link: difficulty is medium to high. Specific gear is needed and it is OP8 compatible. Type is Pure DPS. Name is Ultimate Rifleman.

(Cast Iron Chef) #16

Added. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

(Reliableguy) #17

Thank you!

(Reliableguy) #18

Sorry the link was to my build as shown on a skill calculator, I don’t know how to link to my thread but I do have one.

(Enemy of Thunder) #19

The same way you linked to your skill calc

(Reliableguy) #20

Ok thanks. Sorry about that lol. Just let me know when it’s up.