Commando Master List: Build Collection

(Reliableguy) #41

Thanks bro. I hate to ask you to add so many builds. I would add them myself but I don’t know how

(Cast Iron Chef) #42

It’s no problem at all. In fact, I’m glad to see this thread getting some more activity. It’d be nice if the others could get the same loving. :dukewhistle:

(Enemy of Thunder) #43

I got you… Probably

(Ratio Tile) #44

Interesting… I have been tinkering with a fairly unique build (and by that I mean, I haven’t seen anything like that on the forums). I might add it in the following days.

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #45

Sorry to post here but you can add my build know. Btw it know tells you how long ago the last post on a thread was.

Name: flexible explosive
Level: 72-OP8
Gear needed: anything explosive

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(Cast Iron Chef) #46

Nah, that’s okay. :dukecheese:

I’m assuming this is DPS. If not, let me know and I’ll move it to the proper category. Thanks.

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(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #47

I was thinking hybrid but dps is fine.

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(Chris Martin) #48

does “Difficulty Level” mean how “difficult” it is to use and do well with/how easy/difficult it makes the game to play? or something else?

(Carlton Slayer) #49

I think it tends to mean at what difficulty it best performs at- TVHM, UVHM, the OP levels, etc. A build that works best in TVHM might struggle in UVHM or a build that’s for general mobbing and game play might suffer against raid bosses…

(Private Instigator) #50

It means how well the build plays out in the level of difficulty it is meant to be used in.

Take for example my Jakobs allegiance build the Leatherneck. I rated the build as medium to high due to the fact that it does not use an actual shield while also using skills and gear that is not considered optimal. As a result it is more of a struggle to go through OP0 with it than most other builds.

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(Private Instigator) #51

Not sure if it is worth mentioning or worth updating the list for but with the introduction of the Unofficial Borderlands 2 Community Patch 2.0 my Leatherneck build can tackle OP8 very well.

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(Elpresador) #52

Am I still able to make a build through this? If I am. I’m cooking a dahl ar allegiance build and dahl allegiance build both with basically the same skills but slight tweaks since overload would be removed for the non ar dahl allegiance. It’s wip right now currently. I’m testing ATM for best results in op lvls

(Cast Iron Chef) #53

Sure. Just fill out the form in triplicate, sign over your firstborn, and pledge everlasting love for Flappy and we’ll consider your application. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for a reply. Thank you for considering Hyperion for all of your bandit slaying needs.

Just kidding. Fill out the form above with a link & I’ll add it.

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(Elpresador) #54

Thank you I’ll fill it out after work.

(Elpresador) #55

Not sure how to bring my thread over. I explained as much as needed

(Cast Iron Chef) #56

You didn’t fill out the form:

Manufacturer: (name of manu.)
Type: ( DPS, Tank, Survival/Support, Melee, Misc/Boss)
Name and link:
Level of build:
Specific Gear needed: Yes or No
Difficulty level: Low, Med, High

That’s a link to your profile, not your build.

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(Elpresador) #57

Ok gotcha. Do I just type that in to the top of my thread? And fill in the info or is there a hyperlink to enter it in? Sorry new to this stuff

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(Elpresador) #59

Manufacturer: Dahl
Build name: Dahl commando
Build type: Dahl Allegiance /DPS
Specific Weapons: Yes
Difficulty: Low-High Depending on OP level
OP 8 Compatible: Yes

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(Cast Iron Chef) #60

Added. Thanks.

(Heed the call of the Ninja Manatee!) #61

Hey @Gulfwulf the link for The Gemgineer build no longer leads anywhere since the old forum is gone now… :slightly_frowning_face:

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