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[Build] The B!tch and the Beast (Lv.72)
Shaktiboy's "The BeeFour" - One of the best among all 72 OP+ classes
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Thanks @Jefe! I can’t really change all that around on mobile very easily. Plus I’m a forgetful luttle sod. (lol)
So, now changing my observation to a question now;

@Gulfwulf so the whole “broken link” cycle doesn’t keep occurring, would it be okay if I moved the original creator’s content to a thread here in the new forums? I’m prepared to make sure he/she remains fully credited of course. I’m asking before doing because I’m unclear on how this all really works and want to be sure it’s okay instead of doing it and I’m not supposed to…

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Yep. Copy any old builds over that you can so I can update the links here seeing as how the old forums are no more. :dukesad:

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Hey @Gulfwulf here’s the link for
(The Gemgineer: An OP8 Build by Arcxna)

Had a technical hiccup transferring the content as was, but I am already on top of fixing it. I just went ahead and posted the bare bones of it so people would at least have access to it now. Biggest problem is getting my ancient technology to get me the videos he had with it. If I can’t, I would just need someone to send me their link addresses so I could embed them in this new one.

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Don’t post code like that here, thanks.

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Manufacturer: Jakobs
Build name: Pure Jakobs fire power
Build type: DPS/Allegiance
Specific Weapons: Only Jakobs
Difficulty: Medium-High
OP 8 Compatible: Yes

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Added. Thanks Pie. :dukeaffirmative:

(Enemy of Thunder) #72

I should redo my Hail build for this…

(Idle Phantom) #73

that would be awesome the more builds the better

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(Enemy of Thunder) #74

Type: DPS/Survival

Name: Hail Storm

Level: 72/OP8

Specific Gear needed: Yes

Difficulty Level: Medium

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Added. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

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I forgot to add my last to the list!

Manufacturer: Bandit
Type: Mobbing
Name and link: The Bandit Specialist
Level of build: 72 to OP2
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty Level: Med

(Cast Iron Chef) #77

Added. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

(?) #78

Type : DPS/Mobbing
Name and link : Shaktiboy’s Beefour
Level of build : 72 - OP8
Specific gear needed : Yes
Difficulty level : High