Commando Resource thread

(Min/Maxing and Flakker god) #1

[SIZE=“5”]Skill trees and Action skill[/SIZE]

Sabre Turret

The Guerrilla tree focuses on getting Axton into the fight and improves the Sabre Turrets ability to perform continuous high damage attacks.

The Gunpowder tree focuses more heavily on medium range explosives and weapon damage. Improves many of Axtons offensive combat stats, and improves the turret mostly as a tactical deploy/distraction.

The Survival tree focuses on defensive stat boosts and abilities, using the turret frequently, and pulling Axton back from the brink of death.

[SIZE=“5”]Guides and other useful information[/SIZE]

A Guide to Axtons class mods
A collective guide detailing Axtons class mods.

Grenade boost resource
A guide on what gets grenade boosts

DDD: How to Axton
A guide on how to build axton to fit your needs.

Axton’s Heads and skins
Does not tell you were to get the heads and skins but shows you what they look like.

Raiding with Axton at OP8
Under construction

Battalion Aid Station
If you are a commando in need of gear this will be a welcome thread for you. Currently only catering to OP8 players.

DPS comparison of Leg. Soldier vs Leg. Engineer

Skill Tree builder
Want to share your build or plan out a new one? Use this.

And the Kitchen Sink
A guide on how to level up when using the standard builds for axton.

A Casual Shotgun Experiment
A guide to the best Casual prefix shotguns.

Triad Thunder’s assault rifle DPS assessment
A thread on how to maximize ARs on Axton

Afro’s tediore reloads and Axton

How to maximize chucxton