Commando, UVHM, dieing alot

I’m at a point with my first Commando (lvl 56, Guerilla and Survival) at UVHM where regardless what i do - I just keep dieing. And at this time of writing I’ve died with little to no progress.

Quest: Happy Pig Motel “No Vacancy”.

I only obtained recent UVHM weapons through golden keys and Marcus’s vending stores and i plan to do as much sidequests - but i can’t progress as i don’t have decent gear and i can’t get a hold of decentcgear because they’re bullet sponges.

Right now Rabid Skags pounce at me all the time even on car roofs and slag weapons/nades only help so much, and my turret ends up the same way as me.

So, what am i doing wrong? I haven’t rushed through TVHM and have done all the DLC, used golden chest X amount of times and got no money left.

OK, heres a plan:

1: Go to the Badass Crater and start Torgue’s campaign. Get as far as opening up Moxxi’s Bar (if you can’t it’s not the end of the world - even just having the first map open is OK but not ideal).

2: Load your character up in Normal mode and progress through Torgue’s campaign until you open up Pete’s Bar.

3: Grind the Bar Room Brawl (level 3) for tokens. Collect 613 of them.

4: Load your character back into UVHM (Moxxi’s Bar if possible) with your collected tokens.

5: Reload the map (this is why I say Moxxi’s Bar - the map loads super-fast) as many times as it takes for a Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold to show up as ‘item of the day’ in the Torgue vending machine.

6: Buy the Harold. Now you can face-mash most enemies. Even those Rabid Skags!

Side notes: Axton can focus on explosive damage; do that to maximise your harold. Also, make sure his turrets are slagging for you. Slag grenades and/or a Slagga are great too. Oh, and maybe a Turtle Shield so you can abuse the Health Gate.

Get duel slag turrets going. Slag the Rabids and if they get close throw down a couple teslas at your feet. The grenades will kill them, but not you. Up close like that you should be using a shotgun in ffyl. You should have a slag weapon equipped at all times, slag, then switch to a different weapon for the kill.

Here’s something that worked for me… What kinda of shield are you using? If you aren’t doing it already, try one of those really fast purple Tediore ones, like “Quick Shield”, “Instant Shield”, just plain “Shield”, etc. You’ll want one with a higher recharge rate than capacity and a recharge delay of less than 2 seconds. The capacity doesn’t really matter. This way, your shields will be up most of the time and you’ll never be unprotected. If you have points specced into “Preparation”, you’ll also be regenerating health constantly. Put some more points into skills that boost your shield stats and you might be amazed by the results. I was also going down a lot before I tried that and It really did make things a lot better. It won’t make you invincible, but it works. I really started going into FFYL a lot less. By the way, you might wanna take a look at some of the guides on the Axton forum and check your build. A good build is very important during UVHM.

Honestly, I bypassed the whole need for slag gun by farming a 4X magic missile on tvhm. As an explosive/grenadier axton, I never had an issue with running out of grenades. I had a good Torgue spitter as a main weapon and only fell to using the DPUH crutch when absolutely necessary. Throw a missile, and explode those sonsabitches with awesome Torgue weaponry. Toss a turret when overwhelmed.

I’ll see what i can do to get a hold of DPUH.

I have no idea where to get teslanades.
I already use a explosive shotgun early-game scaled UVHM.
My turret slags from the start, it’s the first tree i went on as well rockets and phalanx shield.
I have magic missile nades that slags them all the time, and even when slagged my weapons only do so much.
I maxxed out regarding shields and HP in both trees, but the skags chews my HP faster i can get to regen - and i can’t get to safety because they’re constantly jumping at me, catch 22.

Right now I’m using random shields that’s still better than the one i had from TVHM, and farming specific shields isnt my cup of tea. But if you can guide me to one good that doesn’t require me go through story (as my ass is already raped by the sidequests).

I’m also using Terramorphous class mod, it helps but that’s about it.
I also have fire SMG from moxi, it’s right now strongest weapon i have along with my rocket launcher.

The scaling in UVHM is a little awkward, and there’s always a “bump” in the road around levels 55-58 or so. Usually this is fixable by revisiting your skill tree rather than worrying about farming just the right weapon (although one or two extra skill points don’t hurt!) I’ve found that same mission/area awkward on a number of my characters for just those reasons - although curiously my Axton blew through that one.

My suggestion is to head over to the BL2 Axton section, and consult the oracles on build strategies. I’d suggest taking a look through this and this Note that the DDD guide has suggested builds for different play styles/roles and various points through out the game, which is useful if you’re trying to figure out which skills to take when. Posting your current build there using the skill calculator will also get you some helpful feedback.

A DPUH is certainly nice to have, but not necessary. A purple Hand Cannon and a Torgue AR will do for most mobs if you’re going explosive build.

Tesla grenades can be found in many places as world drops. Also check the vending machines regularly.

One thing you might want to do if you have it is the Marcus Mercenary Day mini-DLC. You can re-fight the boss over and over and, each time, you get to loot a train full of gear that will always be at your level in UVHM: a very convenient way of gearing up!

Edit to add: go in circles while fighting the skaggs, and jump. If you just back-peddle, they’ll maul you (especially the rabids) since they can out-run you that way. Same for UVHM rabid stalkers, except they’re far worse because of the whole invisibility thing.

If you’re killing things in the car I always use a bee shield, regardless of how good it is. When i get out the car, I switch to a better and more reliable shield. Add to that, shields in BL2 are complete garbage as far as extra protection goes. Almost all of them are only good for their special bonus. They’re made of glass and most go down in 1 or 2 hits on UVHM. Like someone further up said, get a DP Harold. Lvls 52-60 - lvl - 62 - 71 are always tougher because most people throw legendaries away that aren’t at the cap or old caps.

You can do this , if not going cheat way to 72 , but take time , Do the hunger pangs in gluttony gulch. Just get so can fight the turkey, if can kill it kill it , if not skip and do this .

Split screen tv or put on spotify, Use some thing that will not going get you bored. while doing this for the RNG gods.

The first box on the left is e-techs. and purples if lucky.

The second box were slag jags are at it can drop legendary stuff for your level and can farm if in UVHM. Each level for the level of gear need. but can be boring so need listen to music or watch like baseball game or soccer game or tennis or golf.

So 2 boxes at time rinse repeat , quit and save over and over also , nice way keep money up also.

Do you have the Mercenary Day headhunter pack DLC? Unfortunately, you’d have to complete it and farm the loot train for them. The train gives them away pretty often. I got mine from there and the golden key chest. You could hope to find them by just playing, since they’re regular drops, but they’re pretty rare.

Problem with that is i have to progress through the DLC, with gear that barely make a dent. Well i took my time, and 7 deaths later, and managed to at least meet the snowman boss - but that’s where it stops.

I can’t, and neither my friend, beat the boss. The snowman has basically homing attacks, i don’t even dare to slow down from jumping so in the end it doesn’t even matter whether i fight back or not. I also use fire based weapons but that barely do anything.

So, any tips NOT requiring sacrificing myself X amount of times, or anything making me feel like catch 22 would be great.

If you’re on xbone, I can give you some lvl 61 gear once you get there. I think I have norfleets, slowhands (they’re awesome shotties) good shields and some decent legendaries from importing old 360 saves. You would still have to slog it out until lvl 61, though.

If you find a Singularity grenade, I reccomend those. Really helps for getting those rabids off your arse.

I loooove singularities.~ Honestly, they just help me survive in general. Tugging enemies back and forth to make sure they can’t attack you back while you recover? Yes please. Strategic placement at its best.