Comments on Flak Changes

I don’t mind the critical damage nerf on gorillas in the mist it was kinda needed I guess. However the time nerf ruins the functionality of the invisibility as an evade. Take the critical down to 0 for all I care but don’t decrease the invisibility time.


Then dont use GITM if you want a longer invisibility time… there are other choices lol


Guerillas is practically useless now. 6 seconds at 25% Crit damage? That sounds really bad.


Its far from useless…the whole point is the get guaranteed crits. 2 seconds isnt going to make any the long run.


It requires more spec points to get it now, 3 points in ‘Persistence Hunter’ is 8.7 sec. (they are trying to balance builds and Fl4k is pretty OP)

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Where are there notes on fl4k nerfs?

you also lost half of your damage while using it alongside the time reduction.


Fade Away isnt the only source of Crit Damage for Fl4k. 25% less crit damage will take something that had ridiculous DPS to something with slighty less ridiculous DPS.


It’s not 25% less DPS, it’s a whole 50%.


Gitm Crit damage is applied additively with other crit bonuses, including headshots. With no other bonuses the difference between pre and post nerf is 20% less damage on bodyshot and maybe about 7% less damage on weakpoints. Considering that Unblinking Eye is on average 150% more crit damage this is negligible.


They actually brought it down to 5 seconds. Dkn’t believe me? Turn the game on and see. With Persistence Hunter that brings it to 7.2 seconds, so not even the original amount. That’s patheyic. I also used this skill to heal myself. The whole skill is completely worthless now. Thanks for ruining fade away gearbox! Would you please change it to 6 seconds from 5, you liars! And 25% is to extreme. 35% is fair and reasonable.


7 seconds unlimited crits with Unblinking eye = worthless

Go play Iron Bear on Mayhem 3 to regain some perspective.

Like with OP…if you want to heal…dont pick GITM
…problem solved


You’re better off not taking the augment if you want healing, before and after the nerf

Yeah I’m sure my fade away build that worked just fine without the augment is completely useless now. Thanks for the insightful comment

This is true tho, if they said it’s 6 seconds, but only last 5 it should be fixed


People who use GITM and people who just want to use the 3 shots in vanilla FADE AWAY are going for two different things. I said GITM is useless. Many weapons take nearly 5 seconds to reload, an action skill should not be almost exactly the same length as a COV AR cooldown. But thanks for picking apart my comment, chum.

Any gun worth using with this skill will not fire for 7 seconds without having to reload. Plus it’s not 7 seconds, it’s 5. Check your facts before you start talking, not my fault you regret your character choice. I love my FL4K and I love my build. I don’t love waking up to find my build has been crapped on and my skill has been cut down to half it’s original power.



Any gun is worth using with Fade Away. Unless you’re specifically talking the boss killing strats in which you shouldn’t even be using a gun that takes more than 5 seconds to kill a boss.

Umm no you didn’t, but ok

They say 6 second but its 5 second on the in game description that I’m looking at now, and u can really notice the di

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They have pretty much ruined fl4k, it prob wouldn’t be so bad if it was 6 seconds like they say but on the in game description its 5 seconds and u can really notice it.