Comments on my Axton build?

I’m a casual player who complained during early UVHM but is now having some success. Odds are good but not 100% that I’ll try the Peak at some point. I’m just looking to have fun. :slight_smile:

Edit: The posted build was old. My current build is below. Whoops!


Can you list also the gear you are using?

The build is a solid Double Up-Nuke build. If I would change anything, I will just maxed out onslaught and put only 4 points in Grenadier.


So i’m guessing Fastballs & Harolds are a big part of your build?

What class mods and relics do you have?

Never a fan of a Turret with longbow but not Maglock, but if you’ve got a Slagga or Magic Missles that’s moot. Your Axton is strong on his own, but there are enough points in the Turret in this build that optimizing its survival seems worthwhile.

But if you’re chucking the Turret just for the Nuke blowback & aggro you can divert any points to its DPS output to Axton’s personal buffs if you want like this


Nothing i would change build wise :+1:
I don’t like nuke, but that’s just my opinion


Not bad but with only a single turret I’m guessing you’re using A.O.E. grenades and weapons like RL to kill mobs before they destroy your lone turret. Depending on your gear choices it looks like it could certainly take you thru at least the first few stages of the Peak. Good luck and keep having fun! :smiley:


@nat_zero_six : Equipped right now are -

Akurate Slagga
Guileless Plasma Caster (fire)
Thrusting Unkempt Harold
Victorious Topneaa
The Bee
Legendary Soldier
Incendiary Fastball
Bone of the Ancients (shock)

The build I posted was an older one. The new one is:

Sorry for any confusion.

@isthiswill : I use the turret for slagging and aggro. It survives remarkably well.

@piemanlee : Thanks for the confirmation. :slight_smile:

@carlton_slayer: Yeah, I’d want to get to OP2 or OP3. After that I can recalibrate. As for having fun - yes! There are rare times when I want to bite my mouse in half, but when I recognize that I’m in that state, I quit the game and go do something else for a while. I like to min-max my life happiness and tranquility, heh.


Okay, so it is a solid build. However, expertise is somewhat wasted, and I recommened taking 4 points from expertise and putting em somewhere else, like into Able. I have 4 points in Metal Storm, and 1 in Expertise, as it will get boosted by the L. Soldier. I like to have 4 points in Onslought, and 5 in able. Grenadier might be somewhat wasted, but still, worth grabbing. Overall, not bad!

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My Axton is not as far along as yours but I will try the build and see if I have similar gear to yours.:+1:


Bee shield is problematic in UVHM…look for an Antagonist or Blockade or Good Turtle Shield…

Quick Charge is fairly useless when using a Bee if you are going to stay with that Bee.

One point in Phalanx helps the Turret…a little…

If you don’t have a Grog…get a Ruby for a healing gun for use with your fastballs

Get a Swordsplosion or Ravager for a good Explosive shotgun…since you have all the Grenade Damage Bonuses specced…Conference Calls are kind of the best all purpose shotguns in the game, you might consider one of them.

And you can’t go wrong with quest guns like Sandhawks (especially with the Bee)

For Sniper…Pimps and Lyudas…Hot Mama and Amigo sincero are excellent!


Thanks for the gear info. I have some of what you suggest so I will use it and see how it goes.