Comments on my Gal gameplay?

If anyone is interested I just posted a gameplay vid on ps4 of a Capture maps session using Galilea. I’m not the most amazing player out there but I’d also like to think I’m pretty decent with her. Any commentary or tips would be great!

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Helix 1: Take the pull over the wound, unless you’re dealing with a Miko or multiple healers… it’s only going to stop someone for healing for 3 seconds, the pull is typically more useful as a rule, lets you displace people, and can throw someone off a ledge above you down to you team, and in capture you can use it to pull a whole team temporarily off a cap point, you could have tossed that thorn at the end right over your head if you had it.

The “bounces between” perk is almost useless on the shield, this is where you’ll usually want to take the wound, the bounce doesn’t stun on multiple bounces, just the first hit, so it’s mostly useless.

You want dangerous to go alone on tier 3, it GREATLY increases your DPS because if you’re meleeing anyone with full health, now you’re hitting them with your melee PLUS her ranged attack. This ability is the one that still makes Gal have OP games. EVen if you only get the perk after backing, it’s still one of her best options. It’ll also let you take out those accelerators from range instead of having to walk up to them.

Get rid of the penetration item in your build, penetration is not going to help you as much as a damage buff, more atk speed, or any defensive item. Penetration only helps if you’re fighting someone and not getting through their shield (once you get through shield it has provided you literally 0 advantage) just as a rule, don’t take them on someone who isn’t a hit and run type character.

Silence is golden.
Atk speed for sure
Retrieving the shield absolutely

Just in general, learn the range on your desecrate, and don’t use it unless someone is in your range, I saw you miss quite a few, it doesn’t do any of its CC effects when it’s on the ground anymore, just on activation, so don’t waste it! And don’t be afraid to sit behind your shield longer, there were a few times you’d be behind it, under heavy fire, and throw it away hoping for an emergency stun… yeah, that’s your last ditch effort, but wait it out! Don’t do it until your shield is completely gone if you can help it, because afterwards, you’re defenseless.

In that vein, you stayed to try and fight a few times when you’re clearly outnumbered, watch your minimap, if you don’t have teammates, turn and run when you see three enemies, you can’t die if you’re not there!

Good aggression over all, engaging when people step out of position, and helping teammates in their fights, that’s definitely number one priority!

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I understand all the things you are saying. I’m wondering though, why would they put Sentinel Stance and Its Dangerous To Go Alone on the same level when one so vastly outclasses the other in terms of general opinion? Would Sentinel Stance be better if it increased the health drain of nearby enemies by a significant amount or increased the AoE? Cause I like the idea, but if you can go full Corruption using your ult already (assuming you reach lvl 10 before the match is over) then what’s the point?

In most PVP games you won’t be getting to level 10, so that’s going to mostly be a non-factor.

There’s a LOT of helix options in this game that make no sense… why does Boldur have a helix option which gives him a buff for “retrieving his axe” when by that time his axe is already exploding from his ult??? No clue, but it’s there.

I do see what they were getting at though: one rewards defensive play, one increases offensive play, but the ranged attack is just sooo much more powerful, especially with how weak her corruption field really is, and how weak her shield is, that there’s really no reason to go with anything other than dangerous to go alone.

It’s why a Gal with a Miko is still a monster combo, because Miko keeps gal pouring out extra damage at all times.

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